Friday, November 26, 2010

Little Gifts

Christmas will be here before you know it. As you're rushing around this weekend, facing crowds, getting shopping done and taking advantage of sales - don't forget that the best gifts are often those we make ourselves. Make someone a little quilt (or a big one if  you have the time!).

I made this quilt for my friend Julia. We share the same birthday and I was in the hospital for the last birthday in September. After that, I became so involved with my recovery for such a  long time. But I still wanted to give her a little something I made.  She broke her wrist and her right arm has been in a cast for a long time so she hasn't been able to do any quilting at all. How awful would that be? It took me awhile with everything else I had to do but I finally finished it and gave it to her last week. She liked it (!) and even forgave me for giving it to her so late.

I think even a simple little doll quilt makes a great gift. Or should I say, for many of us, a simple little doll quilt ESPECIALLY makes a great gift. I'm still working on a copy of this antique doll quilt I started while I was recovering. This one may be going to someone else . . . Don't you love the muted colors? So easy too.

I'm a little behind with all this birthday stuff. I visited my friend Linda recently to celebrate OUR birthdays, which are two days apart, and had to show you this tiny quilt - made many years ago for her by her aunt. Even before I became a quilter, I fell in love with it, so cute and small. I had forgotten about it for a long time. This is so funny, because one of Julia's other gifts was this pendant, which I bought BEFORE I saw Linda's quilt. I wonder if I may have unconsciously been thinking of it and my upcoming visit when I bought the pendant? ("You think too much," my husband, Mr Practical,  says. "Maybe it is what it is.")

I will make this into a  small quilt someday, with repros and black background fabric - wouldn't that look cool?

You can see just how tiny the quilt is (on the wall, behind her).

Serendipity? I think so. I may be seeing Fan quilts everywhere I go now . . .  By the way, that movie - "Serendipity" - starring John Cuzak? One of my all-time schmaltzy favorites, I'm not embasrrassed to admit. A good, sentimental chick flick in the vein of "Sleepless in Seattle" if you're in the mood for something light and romantic. I like good films too, just so you know (and in case my son, a film buff,  reads this and shakes his head . . . "Oh Mom, c'mon." ).

If you don't have time for a quilt, you can always make a small quilt accessory. Like one of these "huswife" needle cases from Remembering Adelia. I even give them to non-quilters to use as credit card or gift card holders - just omit the felt flap. Lots of pockets.

They make good secret Santa gifts too.

Or try this small needle case from American Doll Quilts - the book is out of print, but is still available in a digital version, which you just download to your computer as a pdf file, now on sale  here  for only $5.50! This weekend only, Martingale & Co. has a sale on all of their books. Such a  deal. So make a friend happy - make her something!


quilting Jeannet said...

Ohh, Kathy, you said it, I did it! Last week I made three of them for christmaspresents, out of your book.

Warm greetings, Jeannet

Ruth said...

I love nine-patches and your little quilt is darling. I got out my Remembering Adelia book and checked out the huswife pattern and it is too cute. I think I'll try to make a few for stocking or bag stuffers . I love your books.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, love the little nine-patch you gave to your friend, what a lovely gift, and I was blown away at the size of the 'micro'-mini fan quilt! Gosh! what a feat in perseverance LOL, and just between you and me, I don't think there are just coincidences in this world! LOL, have a great weekend!.....Merilyn

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Yes! I'm making some of these for my daughters and my granddaughters are each getting another quilt for their dolls..........It is so satisfying to make these small gifts.

Dee Winter said...

Just for the record, any film you enjoy is a good film. #2, I like the doll quilts that are a little lighter looking. I'm making doll beds for 2 dollies for Christmas and they'll both probably have 30's style quilts on them. Yes, I love made by presents, and so does most of my family. My nephew (34) has an ET cross stitch pillow I made when he was 9 or so, it still has a place in his home. His wife said she asked why they were keeping it, and he said his aunt made it. End of subject.

Lori said...

I love your little quilts and I agree they make wonderful gifts!!!

Arti said...

I'm new to your blog and was reading older posts. I came across this one from Jan 2010. I was thrilled to see the memoir from Abigail Thomas--a book I had read some years ago whose title I had forgotten, though not the emotional story.
Recently, a friend's husband was critically injured in a boating accident, and she has become his 24/7 caregiver. She is so courageous that I knew that she would relate to Thomas's story. I wanted to get the book for her, but after extensive searches I couldn't find the title of that book. Thanks to your blog, I recognized the story and was able to order the book from Amazon. I am so very grateful for this serendipitous detour from my favorite topic, quilting. Your blog is a delightful place to visit--full of quilty inspiration and thought-provoking as well. I do have to recommend my favorite dog story, The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. It's wonderful!

Kathleen Tracy said...

Arti - I think you may be confusing the book I wrote about Adelia with another book. This is the first time her story has been published. I am not familiar with Abigail Thomas.