Friday, January 15, 2021

Sew Along Week Three

 Join us as we make Blocks 13 - 18 in the Schoolgirl Sampler book for our sew along. 

If you're not following along in the Facebook group, go to my website (sew along page) for more info on making the blocks for this week. Some of you may want to purchase a Bloc Loc or other ruler to help you with accuracy as you make those tiny Flying Geese. Details are in the file.

This month, by request, we're also restarting one of my Mystery Quilts form 2018. It's a fun one called Friendship Garden. 

Some of you may remember working on this in my groups a few years ago. I've introduced it again to take the place of monthly challenges in my groups this year. Some new members in the group who missed out asked if we could do it again. Why not? Usually, we make quilts each month from one of my recent books but this year I started a new Facebook group just for my Schoolgirl Sampler book so there's your other challenge. I'll add a file with directions on my website under the Mystery 2018 page on the 15th of each month - January through June. 

If you don't care for applique, there's an alternate 8" Star block you can use to replace it. Looks something like this. (One more little project I still have to finish . . . .)

And remember, it's not too late to join the Schoolgirl Sampler sew along. Just get the book and jump in and start with the blocks for Week One. We're making them in numerical order so it's easy to catch up.

I really love seeing all of your pretty sampler blocks every week! Always so many pretty fabrics that are new to me. Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Mystery Repeated

Hello, Quilters - Due to a request from some members in my Facebook group, I've decided to repeat the monthly patterns for the free Mystery Quilt we did in the online groups in 2018. This is a great opportunity for those of you who are new to my Mystery Quilt projects and may have missed out on some of the earlier ones. This time, however, I'll post the monthly patterns on my website.

The first step will be posted on my website (link below) on Friday, January 15, and then the 15th of each month thereafter, through June. If anyone is interested, look at my website, find the Mystery quilt 2018 page at the top and read the Intro to the 2018 Mystery Quilt so you can become familiar with how it will work.

Notice that now there will be two separate Mysteries going on, each labeled by year, so be sure you click on the correct page and download the correct instructions for each one you are participating in. See my website for details

This will be fun and I hope you pick out some of your favorite scraps and join us. Also, be sure to come back on Jan 15 for Week 3 of the Schoolgirl Sampler Sew Along. Lots going on to keep yourselves busy this winter . . . .

Friday, January 8, 2021

Sew Along - Week Two

Week Two of the Schoolgirl Sampler Sew Along: Make blocks 7 - 12 on pages 43 - 45 of  the Schoolgirl Sampler book. Two easy blocks this time!

(Blocks by Sue Bennett)

Go to the files in the groups or check my website (sew along page) for more info on making the blocks for this week. There's a sewing tip in the file for Week 2 that may help if you have trouble with basket blocks. It's all about lining up the pieces correctly so your points don't get cut off. 

If you haven't yet, it's not too late to join the sew along. Just get the book and jump in and start with the blocks for Week One. We're making them in numerical order. 

It's been fun to see all of your finished blocks from last week! I can't believe there were so many pretty fabrics I had never seen before. Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, January 1, 2021

Ready, Set, Sew . . .

Happy New Year! If you're joining the Schoolgirl Sampler Sew Along, you'll find all of the block patterns in my Schoolgirl Sampler book.  

Week one (January 1) - Make blocks 1 through 6 on pages 40 - 42 of the Schoolgirl Sampler book. Have fun! 

(Blocks made by Sue Bennett) 

If you're making the quilt as shown in the book, there are 92 half-square triangle blocks used in the sawtooth border. If you have time, make a few of these each week or whenever you can. It will make it a little easier to have some finished when you put the borders on the quilt. 

If you're interested in sewing along with new friends, join my Facebook Schoolgirl Sampler group. Each week I will also list the blocks we'll be making for that week on my website Sampler page

Oh! Wait - There's another new project for 2021! Join me in making the 2021 Mystery Quilt in my Facebook Small Quilt Lovers group. It's simple, fast and easy (and scrappy!). We'll make a few blocks each month and finish up in April or May. This month, make some half-square-triangle blocks.  The monthly patterns will be posted in the Facebook small quilt group files and also on my website on the Mystery Quilt page. If this doesn't keep you busy and distracted this year, I don't know what will . . . . 

My best to all of you in 2021. New year, fresh start, new quilting adventures. 

Stay safe and healthy. Be kind; be grateful. 

Take time for yourself and enjoy the  journey! 


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