Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mystery Quilt Sew Along Progress

We're moving along on the Welcome Home Mystery Quilt. This month we sewed our nine-patch blocks together with the plain blocks and added it as another border surrounding the house.

I think it's really looking good if I say so myself. I've had a lot of fun seeing your quilts in progress in the Facebook group. I'm impressed. Keep going - we'll be there soon! Some of you can probably guess the next steps . . . .

If you're thinking about joining in, you start here -

For those of you who have not joined us yet, there's still time. Join my Facebook or Yahoo small quilt group (see blog sidebar) and go to Files for the step-by-step directions. I'll keep them up in Files in both groups for a little while after we finish in August or Sept. Would love to do another sew along next year -  anyone up for that ?? This was my first attempt at this Mystery thing and so some kinks had to get worked out. Next one will run a lot smoother.

I'll post another Mystery clue for this one on June 15 in the small quilt group files.

Meanwhile - kick off your shoes and enjoy a great summer weekend! 

Fun in the backyard. 
(Lordy, two dogs. Only the little black one is ours . . . . [Oh, how I get a kick out of saying "Lordy" now.] )

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I Love Nine Patches

What do you do with your scraps? 

I love to make nine patches.

This sweet nine-patch quilt by Country Threads is one I have to make someday. I've even bought the same border fabric already. So simple and yet so pretty.