Saturday, June 8, 2024

Summer Challenge Quilt

My Facebook group began working on a new little group project - my Small Quilt Challenge for Summer 2024. The challenge is to make a small quilt using this block.

You know I love antique quilts and reproducing them with today's reproduction fabrics. I saw some antique blocks in these colors and when I saw the name of the blocks I knew some of you would appreciate this choice. The block we'll be using is called "Contrary Wife" and I have to smile when I hear it. Who among us hasn't been called "contrary" when we express our opinions or stand up for ourselves?? I'm sure my husband can recall a few times in our almost 40 years together when I've lived up to that title, LOL.

The combination of pink and blue/indigo fabrics mixed with light shirting prints is a favorite of mine and I have to say I have a nice collection of fabrics in these colors. So choosing was easy. 

Double pinks and indigo blue were a popular color choice for quilts made during the latter part of the nineteenth century. I picked up this one (below) at a quilt show last year.

*  *  *

The Contrary Wife block is pretty simple and you'll find directions in the FB group files under Summer Challenge 2024. I also uploaded it to my website. Look for the Summer Challenge page.

Make your quilt using as many blocks as you like and choose any setting or colors you prefer. There are some suggestions in the file. The block measures 4 1/2" finished so if you're new to making small quilts, take a look at the FB group files for some tips on sewing small blocks. Those of you who have some of my books can look at the Quiltmaking Basics sections at the back of the books for sewing tips.

There is no deadline. Take your time and play around with fabrics until you find the perfect combination of prints. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your quilts in the Facebook group!

There are so many possibilities to make a cute little quilt using this block. Play around with settings until you come up with a pleasing arrangement. Hope you have fun with it!

And here's to all of the contrary wives/women who speak their minds and stand up for themselves!