Thursday, August 27, 2020

A Few Small Finishes

Making little quilts is a whole lot of fun. But it drives me nuts when I have so many unfinished ones stacked up. It's satisfying to design and make them for my groups but then they always seem to pile up - unfinished - as I constantly move onto other things.  Most of them are simple enough - don't know why I have such a problem finishing them. Last week I decided enough was enough.  I want to work on so many other quilts (large ones, mostly) but I knew if the small ones kept hanging over my head I'd probably never get anything finished. There will always be new projects and ideas pulling me in but sometimes it's good to sit down and just complete something, am I right?

I feel like I've done a FEW little things this year.  For a change, I actually finished a monthly challenge - the small quilt for August. 


And my Tumbler/Thimbles doll quilt - 

Lately, I get giddy when I finally finish something, even something small.  

Other quilts that needed to be finished - 


I pulled out two and kept them on my sewing table. Made a plan - 



                                                                         Here we go -


Yesterday, I finished the other little one. Honestly, it took me all of an hour and a half so I don't know what the problem was that kept me procrastinating so long, LOL. 

All of these quilts are free patterns in my Facebook group and the other small quilt group. Now I've moved on to quilting my little log cabin quilt that was started last year.  Another easy finish I keep putting off. 

              More to do. Maybe I'll get this one finished before NEXT Valentine's Day -   



Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Schoolgirl Sampler Book

In case some of you have not heard (!), my new book will be released shortly, in October. It's called Schoolgirl Sampler and I know you'll love it. I think it will be a terrific reference book for those of you who love making small quilts. For years to come. So many small blocks, so little time . . . . 

I even love the back cover! I found that cute antique photo of a smiling mother and daughter last year while combing through the booths at an antique mall.

My Schoolgirl Sampler quilt is really fun to make. There are directions in the book for 72 simple little blocks (4" x 4") and they all go together easily. Honestly, what could be more fun??

Mine was hand quilted simply for an antique look.

There are also patterns in the book for six scrappy little quilts using some of the blocks. Here are a few (made by friends Sue and Marian) - 

Mini Sampler doll quilt

Pinwheels doll quilt

Patriotic Stars doll quilt

Whirly Bird doll quilt

The possibilities are endless . . . . .

Schoolgirl Sampler is coming out in early October and I'll be pre-ordering my copies from the publisher soon. Hopefully, it will be available at your local quilt shop as soon as it's released. If you don't care about a signed copy, ask them to order a copy for you and you can avoid shipping costs. If you ARE interested in purchasing a signed copy, I am taking pre-orders on my website and also in my Etsy shop  (Pre-ordering is always recommended since it gives me an idea of how many books I need to buy from my publisher before it comes out. So I have them ready to send out. Copies of books for those who pre-ordered will be mailed out first.) 

There will be plenty of copies available, don't worry,  but keep in mind that there is always a rush as soon as a new book comes out and so if you wait until October, please allow a little time in case I have to restock and order more. I never have a good sense of how many of you want signed copies until you tell me. International quilters may want to visit the Martingale website to purchase an e-book version when it become available. 

*  *  *

In other news - Have you made the little challenge quilt for August yet?  I actually finished mine early for a change. Such fun to sort through my scraps and then sew these small squares and triangles together into an easy little doll quilt. The free pattern is in the group Files. Still need to work on finishing at least three other small quilts I started this year. Sigh, I'll get to them eventually. 

Oh! Thanks for all of your little needle case kit and pattern orders. Kept me busy last week. I did restock and now have more of that lovely brown floral print for kits. I hope you have fun making these and I look forward to seeing some of them in the FB group or on Instagram. 

Stay safe and eat healthy. These are crazy times. Take a walk if the weather permits. It's finally a little cooler here in the Chicago area and it feels good to get back outside. It's cool in the woods if you can get to a forest preserves or find a nature trail. 

Next time I'll try harder to find one that allows dogs on the paths. Puppy is still reeling because I didn't take her with me last time. I told her the sign said - NO DOGS ALLOWED. This means you, my pet (who thinks she's a human) . . . .  

If looks could kill . . .