Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Catching Up with My Mystery Quilt 2018

I hope some of you are following along with my Friendship Garden Mystery Quilt for 2018. Here's where we are so far -

We began in January with the center block -  which was this applique design, or . . .

 . . . instead, make a Star, if you prefer not to do applique. 

Next, we added some borders.

This month we added another border made from tiny 2" hourglass blocks.

Bloc Loc rulers are great for trimming these. 

Or, I really like this Quilt in a Day mini ruler set.  It comes with 2 flying geese rulers and the 2 1/2" square ruler. I use these a lot for making my small quilts.  Cheaper than the Block Loc rulers, which can get awful pricey. But if you use them then it's worth spending the extra money. You deserve it.

Trim those little doggy ears and square up your blocks! It makes everything fit together nicely when you sew. 

 (I'm a little behind. The blocks are made and trimmed but not sewn together yet.)

You can find all the monthly clues in my online small quilting groups or on my website. We'll be adding more borders this month and the next and then finishing up soon. But it's never too late to begin. Lots of pretty quilts are being made and shown in the Facebook group