Sunday, December 18, 2022

Christmas Shopping

Shopping can be stressful. Therefore, it's always important to buy a little something for yourself too . . .


I'd been eyeing this Juki machine for awhile - the TL-2010Q. Couldn't justify it because I already have a good machine, although it's 12 years old. When I saw it on sale on Black Friday I figured it was a sign. I went out to test drive it to make sure and I fell in love immediately. After I posted a picture on Instagram it seemed like almost every quilter already had a Juki. Who knew? I guess I've been living under a rock for too long . . . . 

No fancy stitches like my other machines but, man, can it sew. Sleek and fast, shiny and simple, strong and sturdy (all metal). Set it up pretty quickly. Perfect stitches. Reminds me of my old Singer featherweight. But bigger. It just quietly purrs along. I think we're definitely going to be happy together. 

Hope you're doing some de-stressing during the holidays. Sewing perhaps? 

I'm still  making my little trees. (I believe there is still a free pattern on my website for these.) Hope to have a forest someday. I'm up to 30 something finished trees. But then every year I  pull a few out to make something small for someone. Two steps forward, one step back  . . . 

I finished a large quilt and a few smaller projects but there's still so much to do. I also made a few new little Christmas things - 

My daughter designed and made the embroidery. Aren't these sweet? When she stitched that little house I fell in love with it and had to put it into a small quilt. You'll find the pattern for Christmas House in my Etsy shop

Cookie baking needs to start soon! I always put it off because if I start too early I can guarantee there will be  nothing left for the holidays. 

Hope you have a fun (if hectic) week before Christmas!  Take a breath, put your feet up and listen to some music when it all starts to get to you. OR, if you're really feeling brave, try this legs up the wall pose.  

Have you heard of doing this? It's great for your circulation and it seems to help my knees too. I try to do this a few times a week. More if I'm feeling stressed or my joints start to hurt. Ten minutes (20 is even better if you have time) and you'll feel refreshed as it calms the nervous system. If you can't quite get your legs up the wall or you can't get up easily off the floor, try lying down on your bed and putting your legs up on top of an upside down laundry basket. Any elevation is good for your circulation and it relieves tension and fatigue from your legs, feet and hips. This also helps relieve tightness in my lower back. Keep in mind to always check with your doctor before you do this if you have any medical issues.

Have a lovely, stress-free holiday season!