Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Sentimental Quilter Hexagon Journey

Oops - I missed posting something here for Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you are still having an enjoyable holiday. I planned to post something but everything and time just got away from me. Even though we had planned a small and simple gathering with the family, it was still a very hectic time.

If you've enjoyed sewing along with me this past year making my sampler quilt, some of you may be interested in another sew along I'll be hosting beginning January 1 in my Facebook group.

We'll be doing a Hexagon Sew Along in 2022, learning some simple English Paper Piecing and making hexagons for a quilt of your choosing. There are two hexagon quilts in two of my books you can make OR you can simply make some hexagons and just put them together as you wish.

If you have my Small & Scrappy book, you can choose to make this quilt.

This one is in The Civil War Sewing Circle book.

If you don't want to use one of my patterns, then choose another or make up your own design. I'm really looking forward to doing this. These are easy and fun and if you like hand piecing I know you'll enjoy taking a little hexagon journey. Beginners are welcome; there are instructions in the FB group files to help you get started. Lots of videos available on YouTube if you are not on Facebook. Some have asked me to do the sew along here. It's difficult to run a group sew along without a platform in which people can participate. I cannot run a group on my blog or my website where there is no way to interact. Facebook is really the only option because of their group feature. I can easily use their group feature to connect with quilters and they can post photos of their work, interact or ask questions and show their work.

FYI - I so understand why many of you don't want to join Facebook. I get it. But you can get a FB account and use it to join the group and not do anything else on Facebook. That's what I do. I don't accept friend requests or do messaging so I'm not really involved with the Facebook community at all. I set my settings to Private, turn off all notifications and news features and just connect with the quilters in my groups.

I'll try to post pictures of my progress but you really miss out on some of the inspiration if you can't see what others are doing. I hope you'll consider joining us in January! You can find a little guidance on my website under the Hexagon Sew Along page - countrylanequilts.com