Sunday, October 11, 2020

Schoolgirl Sampler Sew Along

My Schoolgirl Sampler book was released last week. If you ordered a book from me, you should have already received your copy. Or, it may be on the way! 

Thanks to all of you who purchased a book. I'm really excited about this one. Love how it turned out and hope you do too. I just sold out of copies but ordered more and they should be here sometime this week. If you would like a book, Amazon has copies, Martingale has copies and your local quilt shop may have copies too. If they don't, ask them to order it for you and you can save on shipping. International friends -  someone told me you can purchase a book from The book Depository. Apparently, they ship worldwide. If they're out of stock, don't worry, they'll be ordering more within a short time.


I'll be starting a Schoolgirl Sampler Sew Along in January for those who want to make the sampler quilt and sew along with like-minded quilters. I'm creating a new Facebook group just for this sew along and I'll let everyone know when I open it up so you can join. Waiting until January to begin will give everyone a chance to get the book and get past the holiday rush. 

I'm working with a few quilt shops to supply you with a variety of reproduction fabrics for making these little blocks. The quilt was made using 72 blocks and if you want to use a different fabric for each block, then you'll need a nice variety of scraps or prints.  I made most of the blocks from scraps or fabrics I already had. Charlotte studied the book and said she thought I didn't repeat any prints in the blocks. I'm sure I did but I didn't actually check, LOL. Just make it however you like. I heard someone say they might make it in 2 colors and blue and white or red and white would sure look wonderful, wouldn't it? 

I know some of you will be eager to get started before January and that's fine. Everyone can work at their own pace.  But remember that the organized sew along with suggestions for making blocks each week won't begin until January. And the info on where to buy fabric will be posted in the Facebook group soon. We'll use the coming weeks to get organized and prepare. 

When I began working on my Dear Jane quilt it was an on-and-off kind of thing for years. Hard to get motivated and stay on course at times. So many other things to do. It wasn't until I created an online group with other quilters who also wanted to make that quilt that I made a lot of serious progress. Sewing along with others and sharing your progress really motivates you to make these larger projects. I may sew along on that quilt while you make your blocks.

So, when we do this in January, I'll give suggestions for making certain blocks along with tips every week and we'll sew along together. Everyone will work at their own pace but making a few blocks each week will still give you time to work on other things as well and not feel overwhelmed. It took me all of last summer to make my quilt. 

And, as far as the applique goes, if you don't do applique you can make the sampler quilt without it.  I designed it so that the center portion can easily be replaced with nine little 4" blocks and sashing if you prefer to make it that way. 

It will be a journey but a fun one, I predict. Using up a variety of my favorite reproduction fabric scraps to make a rather simple sampler was so much fun and I knew it was something other quilters might really enjoy as well. Both beginners and those with more quilting experience. The book includes lots of tips for making small blocks if you're used to making larger ones. I think you'll find it's an enjoyable project and the 4" block patterns can also be used to make a variety of little quilts or other quilted items.  I hope some of you will join me in this sew along. Grab some of your reproduction fabric pieces and whip up a nice collection of 4" blocks that are easy to stitch and start your own Schoolgirl Sampler quilt. 

If the sampler quilt is not for you, there are six charming little quilts made from some of the 4" blocks that are also included in the book. Get ready for some fun!