Monday, January 15, 2024

Join the Sew Along Fun

Join me in making some sweet basket blocks for a small (or large) quilt in my Facebook 2024 Basket Quilt Sew Along. You'll find details and pattern instructions for a simple basket block in the FB group files and also on my website .

Choose a project from one of my books or patterns or try the free basic basket quilt in the files. This 4"  Baby Bunting block is one of three different basket blocks found in my Schoolgirl Sampler book, which is now on sale in my Etsy shop.

If you're looking to make a basket with handles, try one of my patterns on Etsy - 

I highly recommend the Clover Bias Tape Maker in 1/4" size for making bias strips for the curved handles.  

Make sure you purchase the 1/4" size (green).

From a 7" square, cut a 5/8" strip on the bias.

Insert the strip as shown.

Use a pin to push the fabric through the narrow slot to get it started.

Press as you slowly pull the folded strip through the tape maker.

As you press, the fabric will stretch slightly (because it was cut on the bias) and you can curve the strip into the handle shape you prefer.

Sometimes I pin the strip to my pressing mat and gently stretch it into the shape I want, then press it again with a little steam.

Tada!! Follow your individual pattern instructions to place the handle and applique it to the top portion of your block. You will probably have to trim it a bit or let the ends hang over and trim after you sew to the bottom portion. Better to have a longer strip and trim than one that's too short. I use tiny dots of Roxanne's Fabric Glue to hold the handle in place on the background fabric. Using a blind stitch and Aurifil thread in the same color as the handle, I begin the applique on the inside curve first and stitch the outer curve last. Try it! It's not as hard as it looks.

Here are some of the quilts our members made and are making - 

I've got several baskets made. just not sure how to set them yet. No rush. I have plenty of other things to to do and will try to get some more of these finished in the coming weeks. Have a good time! If you're in the FB group or on Instagram I'll enjoy seeing your progress.

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