Monday, January 8, 2024

Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

Who loves basket quilts??  The sew along will begin on Monday, January 15, 2024.  Look for details here and in my Facebook group on that day. I'll post directions for a simple 4" basket block (below) and some suggestions for making a small quilt using this block in the group files. I'll also post it on my website  - Country Lane Quilts. Look for the Basket Sew Along page and just download the pattern file.

If you love basket quilts and have any of my books, there are a few patterns in some of them. (Take a look at my previous post from last week.) Schoolgirl Sampler alone has 3 different small basket blocks and a pattern for a scrappy Posy Basket quilt. So you can choose one of those as an option instead. 

One of the most popular basket quilts is always my Civil War Baskets quilt from my oldie but goodie book Remembering Adelia.  Since it's an old book and hard to find now at a decent price and my publisher is no longer in business to offer digital versions, I decided to recreate this as a single pattern.  

Go to my Etsy shop to see this and some other basket quilt patterns. One thing I should mention is that if you purchase this pattern you should also buy a Clover Bias Tape Maker in the 1/4" size. 

Perhaps you have your own method for making curved strips for handles, stems or vines and that's fine, so no need to buy the Clover tool. But if you're new to making appliqued handles, I think this is a great tool for making them. While my original book also has good directions for making your own bias strips, and that's how I made mine for that particular quilt, I now recommend this Clover tool for the handles because it is so much easier. So the pattern does not include the exact same directions for making the handles as the book. Just a heads up. The directions and diagrams come with the tool. You can probably purchase one at your local quilt shop, craft store or on Amazon.

Hope you will join us!


T Denise Dobek said...

I have the book Remembering Adelia but when I saw the Clover tool I knew I had it. Went to Etsy and bought the pattern. Figured easier is great. Thanks for sharing. Now to find fabric and have some ready for next Monday.

Gloria said...

I received you blog update on 3/24/24.