Saturday, September 16, 2023

Fall Sew Along 2023

Get ready for some fun! Fall will be here before you know it and I'm hosting another sew along in my Facebook group for a small quilt that's perfect for the season. Join me on Friday, September 22, for the first part of the sew along. I will be posting the directions in my FB group files and also on my website.  Join my Facebook group so you can catch everyone's progress as we go along. Or, look for the Fall 2023 Sew Along page on my website starting next week.

This will be a quilt made in four parts in four weeks or so. No pressure if you need to take longer. For now, gather up some pretty fall fabrics and then join me next week for the first installment. 

I've had a rough couple of months recently and, to be perfectly honest, just could not find the time or energy to do much quilting or blogging. Last month I promised myself that I would hold another sew along for my Facebook group members this fall since I haven't been active in the group at all. But I kept putting off actually coming up with a plan. I finally decided on a fall-themed block to begin with but that was as far as I got. 

Then, a couple of weeks ago, a quilter on Instagram inspired me (and lots of others) with a sew along to make some pretty Ohio star blocks based on an antique quilt. I hesitated at first because I knew I had very little time but then jumped in because I loved the look of the blocks in the original antique quilt.  Turned out to be exactly what I needed - and sure seemed much easier to participate in someone else's sew along than organize one myself.  Check out Taryn's blog for details on the scrappy star stitch along - Repro Quilt Lover  It's all great fun. And if you're on Instagram you can follow the hashtag  #scrappystarstitchalong  to see what quilters are making and posting. 


All very "antiquey" looking, don't you think? 

So far, I've made four blocks.  I've been inspired to recreate the blocks from the antique quilt as closely as I can with colors. It's been fun picking through my reproduction fabrics and scraps to find some that "match" the ones in the antique quilt that Taryn shows. This was just the kick in the pants I needed to get back into things. Sometimes a little bit of sewing, no pressure, is good for the spirit and great therapy. 

*  *  *

For me, fall is definitely a time of transition. It's my favorite time of year and I always get energized by the season. I've heard it said that life seems to start all over again in the fall . . .  Almost a rebirth. But not like an exciting springtime rebirth. Fall is a quieter, gentle season that embraces change, reflected in the changing colors of the leaves. 


 "Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."    ~ Elizabeth Lawrence


The little quilt from last year's fall mini sew along -  unfinished, LOL. Probably because I wasn't sure about the borders, sigh . . . .   I think it needs something a little more subtle so when I have time I'll rip those borders off.  Mistakes happen.

Have a good weekend and I hope you join me next week for some fall quilty fun! 


Nancy said...

Such beautiful blocks for the stitchalong, Kathleen. You must have a wonderful collection of reproduction fabrics! I'm participating, too, but my selection of fabrics is limited.

Jeanne said...

Your scrappy stars are lovely! I'll look forward your upcoming sewalong. Autumn is a time of new beginnings for me also.

Anonymous said...

I agree your blocks are beautiful Kathy. I was really lazy all summer so did very little in completing my projects. I’m going to be spending lots of time at home with my new puppy (9 weeks old) so am looking forward to starting a new
project and catching up on unfinished ones.

qubasket said...

Your Ohio star blocks are very nice. I’m looking forward to this years fall stitch along. I participated in last years and enjoyed it.


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