Friday, June 9, 2023

Summer UFO Progress

It's June 9 and I'm feeling good about making some small progress on some of my unfinished quilts this month.  I challenged my Facebook group to spend this month finishing up some of their projects that have been set aside for awhile. Lord knows I have a ton of incomplete tops to work on, large and small. To begin, I picked an easy one that I started last year. Yesterday, I finished this small hexagon quilt from our FB group hexagon  sew along from last year. 

Those small hexies are really fun to make and I do love hand stitching but, man, do they take me a long time. Even sewing them into a small quilt. First, you make the individual hexagons using English Paper Piecing and then turn them into flowers. Then I appliqued the flowers onto background squares.

I sewed the squares and the rest together by machine.

Last year when we had the sew along I got as far as putting the little top together and doing some quilting. Then for some reason I stopped and moved on to something else. 

I'm a great one for making tops and then quickly moving on to something else that catches my fancy. So close! Too much work has already gone into it to just let it go. So I started working on it again, a little bit every day. Felt really good to finally finish. 

After that, I became motivated to start another one and so layered some other little tops together with backing and batting that were in my pile. Ready to quilt. 

My little Dolley Madison Star was a 4th of July sew along from last summer. All of these patterns are in my Facebook group files.


 Made a little progress! Shouldn't take me long at all now. Summer gets busy around here and I don't do as much quilting so I'm taking advantage of what little time I have right now. 

If you're joining me in this challenge, how are you doing on finishing up some of your projects? Making any progress at all? What little things do you need to do to finish up some quilts? Start there. You'll feel great once a few of them get done. Remember, if you need to, make a list of things you have to do to finish. It helps me to break things down into steps. If I focus on one little part at a time I always get more done. Read my previous blog post with some tips.

*  *  *

Enjoy the weekend! Still trying to get some plants to grow in my shady back yard. I love my big tree but it does make gardening a little difficult.  Some days my tree grounds me as I sit here and read or contemplate or play with the dog(s). It provides nice shade when it gets hot and shelters the birds and small wildlife that come to visit. Then the chipmunks and rabbits eat all the flowers LOL. Yet I feel blessed to be able to commune with even this tiny piece of nature on a daily basis, flowers or not. Enjoy the weekend! 


Carol in Texas said...

Your hostas are gorgeous! I so wish they could stand our Texas heat. I just love them. Our Walmart will bring them in, but if you’ve gardened in central Texas for any time, you know they will not thrive in our heat and our alkaline soil and water. Your yard looks beautiful and inviting. Enjoy it to the most!!!!

Anonymous said...

I also sew little hexis. I take them with me when I need hand work. My plan is to make a bed size quilt, but may never get done at my speed. Thanks for the inspiration. !

Liz said...

I'm making some progress on finishing several projects.
Binding is my least favorite part of making a quilt but am making progress by completing two of my little quilts this past week.
I absolutely love the vintage embroidery sampler on your wall kathy.

dq said...

Wonderful EPP project, and those stars, wowzer! I also love the photos of your yard. If I didn't sew so much, I suppose I could have a nicer yard.