Friday, July 8, 2016

Smell the Roses

It's been much too hot here. Last week when it was a bit cooler I went to my favorite garden and walked around, taking my time, smelling the roses. The Chicago Botanic Garden has a fairly nice Rose Garden and is much better tended than mine is right now.

I brought my new club quilt with me to have someplace nice to stage it for the cover photo for the pattern booklet. Yesterday, I went to the printer three times (!) to have a sample printed out. And each time they printed one I found a tiny mistake. So I went home and proofed it again and hopefully they'll all be ready to be printed out soon, then mailed at the end of next week. 


The garden has many shady, out-of-the way nooks and it's relaxing to sit down for awhile and watch and listen to the birds. Just sit. By myself. At times it feels good not to be running around like a you know what without a head for a change. In my family, I'm usually the one in charge of  "doing."  Need something? Too busy to do it yourself? Just ask Mom. She'll get it done for you. (LOL - I'm not really complaining. I'm blessed.)

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it."  

 -Ferris Bueller (Yep, you heard me. Ferris Bueller)

Today's Words of Wisdom: Remember to take some time for yourself to slow down and smell some roses . . . . Try to let go of things you cannot control and just enjoy the moment. Not the past, not the future - just enjoy the present. I was never able to do this well until I practiced. I decided I don't do anybody any good, least of all myself, if I'm always rushing around, getting ahead of myself or stewing over something that did or didn't happen.

~  ~  ~

If you ordered my new Club patterns, the first one will be mailed out next week. Thanks for all your orders! It may take me a couple of days to get all of them mailed out. International orders will take a little longer to arrive. I will mail in order of purchase.

You can jump in and join any time and still receive patterns 1 - 5. But keep this in mind: The second pattern will be mailed in mid-August. If any of you decide to order the Club after I mail the first pattern out in July, yet close to the time the second pattern mails in August, I will lump those orders together and then send you pattern 1 along with pattern 2  when the second one is being sent out. So please be patient.

Have a fun weekend!  


Robin McGuire said...

Wonderful words of wisdom, Kathy. And the garden photos are beautiful. Looking forward to the first club pattern!

Robin McGuire said...

Wonderful words of wisdom, Kathy. And the garden photos are beautiful. Looking forward to the first club pattern!

Sharon said...

Lots of good nuggets in your post today Kathy as well as beautiful pictures. We will be driving from Columbus to Buffalo Grove this weekend to watch our grandson play in his championship little league baseball game. Perhaps we can find time Sunday to visit the botanical gardens. I've only been there once. Enjoy your weekend as well.

liz said...

Thanks, for the pictures & quotes. I love roses. Liz in Rochester

marian said...

Excellent advice Kathy, it's something i practice almost on a daily basis. I enjoyed the virtual walk through the park with you.. thank you!

Anonymous said...

My, you are so blessed to have this garden for walking, resting, and just plain sitting quietly. I so appreciate you sharing photos of your walks, and glad to hear you are taking time to smell those beautiful roses!

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

What a beautiful garden, excellent place to relax!

Jennifer M said...

Such a nice visit with you in the Rose Garden and park. Your words are so true and a gentle reminder to us to practice this. As soon as I rad your blog title I was excited to stroll with you. You know how much I enjoy this:) Thanks so much and I am so looking forward to your club patterns<3

jane nj/wi said...

Ummmmm my garden doesn't Quite look like that but I have a success story with my transplanted wild Foxhloves, they are yellow and my joy of sussess is magnified by The cutest Bumble Bees humming and popping in and out of the blooms. If you have never seen them the flowers are elegant. Bumbles aren't agressive so I can have them buzz through my legs moving on to some flowering bushes. Grew up in Chicagoland. Don't remember ever getting to the Botanical Gardens. Must correct that next time in town.


sue said...

Enjoyed your message savoring the moment as I'm in charge of an 8 and 9 yr old and a puppy for the next few weeks. Grandma boot camp! Super charged environment but needed to realize that I too am blessed to be spending time with 2 of my favorite people!


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