Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Challenge Quilt

 This month's Small Quilt Challenge is a free pattern. Yes, quilters, that's right - you do not have to rush out and buy a single book of mine to be able to make our challenge quilt this month. Yippee.
Here's the quilt I designed for September. You can find the pattern here
Many of you said you liked the small quilt I made from a large orphan block and posted here last month. Same concept - large block made with red and brown fabric but I used a different block for this one. If you do not like red and brown, please make it using your own favorite colors and prints. This holds for any of the monthly challenge quilts - you can always make any of them in different colors; they do not have to look like mine.

I pulled out my fabrics and started cutting mine yesterday -
Since I already made a red and brown quilt last month, I thought I'd play around with some other colors for mine. We'll see how it turns out.

I hope you all enjoy making this quilt. In order to accomplish one quilt every month, try taking it in small steps. Divide your work into weekly sewing sessions that make it easier for you. For example, this week, pick out your fabrics and maybe cut the pieces. This shouldn't take too long. Just have fun with this part of the process and don't stress about finishing the whole quilt right now. Put it aside and then spend a few hours sewing the pieces together next week. The borders can be sewn the following week in just a little bit of time and, before you know it, you have finished your quilt top. Spend a little time quilting it during the last week.

We will be moving on to hexagons in October!


Rita said...

Thank you for the great pattern....It's so cute.

Marla said...

This is so sweet Kathy!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Thank you, Kathleen great little design!

:) Carolyn

ale balanzario said...

Thanks, this little quilt looks great, will take a look to my fabrics!

CACO said...

I love this small quilt !! many thanks for sharing with usthis lovely pattern !! Catherine from France

Elly D said...

Thank you so much Kathy, for this very cute pattern for this month's small quilt :) Elly

Anonymous said...

So cute ; i love this mini quilt !
Thank jou Kathy
Brigitte from France
Boite de Biscotte

Tea at Weasel's said...

Hello there! Your quilts are amazing, you are so creative! I'm inspired (In fact am off to Amazon in a minute to add your books to my wish list).
Thank you for this free pattern. I can't wait for your October post, I adore hexagons! I'm working on a little hexagon quilt at the moment.
Love your blog!

Louise xx

Robin said...

Thanks for the free pattern. I went to my CW stash and made it up immediately. I just love it.

Jackie said...

Thank you very much. It is such a cute pattern.


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