Monday, September 10, 2012

Keep Making Hexagons

We'll be making that little hexagon flowers quilt  in  my book The Civil War Sewing Circle for the October challenge and so it's not too early to get started making the hexagons now. It seems like I've been nagging you all summer. When October comes and it's hexagon crunch time, you'll really be glad you finished a few of them.

Hexagons have been on my brain recently and I am now seeing them everywhere I go. I went to a restaurant and as I was leaving the ladies rest room I noticed the floor tiles and had to laugh. Look - hexagon flowers.

This style of tiles is so popular in bathroom floors in older buildings but I don't think I ever noticed that they were hexagon flowers. They looked familiar and I'm pretty sure I had these bathroom tiles in my first apartment years ago, LOL.
A recent shopping trip -
I've been shopping here for years but never really noticed that the Carson's logo is a hexagon flower, duh.
My bracelet box is a hexagon. Never noticed until today.
I was forced to clean out our front hall closet last weekend, when an attempt to find something  my daughter needed to take back to school with her failed miserably. I knew it was in there  SOMEWHERE.  It's been way too long since I last cleaned out that closet. At the end of the weekend I ended up with several hefty bags full of  shoes, boots and coats (some with big shoulder pads, if you can believe it. Of course you can, LOL.). And then I found this on a shelf, way up on top, in the back. I can't even remember buying it. Maybe it was a gift, who knows? Or, maybe the Hexagon Fairy is living at my house.
Teeny tiny pieces. Seems like the puzzle would take as long as the quilt.

They're everywhere. And this is your last, gentle reminder that you should get started making some little hexagons and hexagon flowers if you're itching to make that quilt with us in October.

I demonstrated just how easy it is to make these at the quilt show I attended in Galesburg a few weeks ago. Several women who watched me whip up a few said they had no idea they were this simple. Quilters - you can do this too! The instructions are in the book but you can find some great tutorials all over blogland if you look hard enough.



Pat from Florida said...

Love hexies! Yes, they are everywhere.

Ольга Т. said...

Прекрасно! Деревенский колорит. Я тоже вынашиваю идею шить шестиугольниками квилт.

marian said...

isn't it funny how you can spot them in the most unusual places, i love that and i love hexagons!!
btw i love your hexie jigsaw puzzle :))

Darlene D said...

I agree, hexies are everywhere these days! Your little quilt is so cute!

gisèle said...

Bonjour, J'ai fait deux Hexagon Flowers Doll Quilt de votre livre, j'ai terminé les hexagones pour un et appliqué sur mes blocs.
J'ai commencé le deuxiène qui sera pour donner à une amie de France.
Vous pouvez aller voir sur mon site et me donner vos commentaires.
Merci à l'avance
Bonne journée.

Me and My Stitches said...

Love all of the hexies, but I really think you need a hexagon pendant! My mom loves puzzles - I need to find one of those for her. Can't wait to see what everyone does with their upcoming hexagon quilts!

Gladys said...

I love your puzzle hexie! I would die to be able to do it! And the book looks great! I hope someday get your book and be able to do some of these precious mini quilts! But I live in another country and it is not so easy to get inputs! Have a beautiful day! A hug!

Beth said...

Love those hexies. Think I have that kit in my closet. Better get it out and get hexie crazy.

Anonymous said...

I love your book, have had it and made one quilt out of it. The hexies are next!
Take care,
Joann in Annapolis

Muriel (de France) said...

I love hexies!
Thanks for your ideas

maruf hosen said...
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