Friday, June 17, 2011

Shopping Around

I stopped at an antique shop earlier in the Spring on the way home from somewhere, I can't remember now. Lately, it seems, whenever I go antiquing or browsing at flea markets, I never find anything to my liking. Are you finding many good things? Maybe I just have too much junk of my own and feel reluctant to buy more stuff that I really don't need. I'm jealous - my friend Julia is moving and beginning to clean out HER junk and pare things down in preparation. I would love to move too just so I could be motivated to do the same.

As far as quilts go, way too often the quilts I see at antique shops or flea markets around here are not in great shape or else too new for my taste. I lived through the sixties and seventies and do not consider the quilts that were made then "antiques" or that would make me an antique too!

I can't imagine who would buy this one with all the holes. Some quilts are so ugly they don't really need to be preserved, LOL.

I do love hexagon quilts. This one was haphazard, not your typical Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern. A while back, on a whim while I was feeling lazy, I bought some "precut" hexagons in reproduction fabrics. Maybe I'll start on another hexagon quilt someday. Half the work is already done . . .

Mostly, at many of these places, all I see are a lot of old plates and glassware that really aren't very old.

But I did stumble upon some vintage glass salt cellars and instantly remembered some pincushions made from them that I saw on Elaine's blog awhile ago - one in particular that was given to her by Jo Morton. Lucky Elaine! The ones I found were not very fancy ones, but I loved them anyway and they were a bargain too. Surprisingly, I  got 50% off ! when it came time to pay. What a deal. Probably should have bought a few more too. So now I have one more project to add to the list when I start quilting and playing around with fabric again. Surely it can't be long now.


Stephanie said...

I once purchased a signature quilt for $10 because I felt sorry for it..sounds ridiculous, but it's true. It's threadbare, practically falling apart, but it's covered with signatures, dates, town names..I just couldn't pass it up. I always hold out hope that one day I'll meet the jerk who handed over such a treasure to be sold so I can have the joy of giving them a good ole smack!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the information on the pincushions made out of the salt cellars. They are very cute. Wish I would have seen it about a week ago. My mother just got rid of some at a garage sale. Oh well, I guess I will just have to keep my eye out when I am antiquing.
On the topic of your old quilts. Yes, there are many ugly quilts out there that don't really qualify as antiques but the better term for them are Utilitarian quilts. They may be ugly but they still keep you warm.
Enjoy your ugly quilts and just put them under a prettier quilt for layered warmth.
Keep quilting. :)

Gayle said...

Can't wait to see your little salt cellars turned into pin cushions - they'll be darling!

WoolenSails said...

I like the hexagons, a quilt made with whatever scraps they had.
I cut up my hexagons and keep them in a box for when I need a break or watching tv, easy project to do without thinking too much and before you know it, they are done;)


Cheryl said...

Great find...all the salt cellars I find, they want my first born child for! I, too, come home disappointed from antique stores. Anything I find I want, they know the value of.

Merilyn said...

Love the little salt cellars!!! I do love to have a rummage around second-hand and thrift stores once in a while, you just never know what little treasure wants to come home with you!!!

Truffle queen said...

Well - you certainly can have your fill of antique shops when you come to St. Charles! The Kane Co. flea market is another thing! Yikes! I'm anxious to see the results of the salt cellar/pin cushions! Fun! See you on the 27th & 28th!

Kathleen Tracy said...

I've been to the Kane County Flea Market many times - but not last year because I was too sick. I don't know if I can walk that much yet but would love to go again this summer. I never see any quilts though!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the little salt cellars with enclosed pincushions. I will now be on the lookout for such dishes- we could create a shortage in the salt cellar department of our local flea markets! GREAT idea!
Peg in NJ

Anonymous said...

As I am cleaning, clearing and packing boxes up I am shocked to see how much quilting fabric I have. What was I thinking when I purchased all of that fabric? Will I ever make that many quilts? It is a great time to donate... Donate... Donate!!! Julia

Connie204 said...

I just wandered through some antique shops here in Wilmington, IL. What made me the saddest is that the quilts, doilies and old embrodiered linens were going for almost nothing. I just think about all the time and love that was put into all of these pretty things and so many people just don't appreciate it. We are also going to be moving so I really don't need anything else to move. I do love the pin cushion idea.


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