Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No Rest for the Weary

I'm not really weary, just still lacking in my normal energy most of the time. I'm going back to work this week - a few local lectures, one for the Algonquin Quilters' Guild in Algonquin, IL on Thursday and two in St Charles, IL for the Prairie Star Quilters' Guild next week. If you're in the area and would like to see some of the quilts from my books or just want to have a nice time hanging out with me and lots of creative ladies,  you can e-mail me for details.

Peoria, IL, earlier this year

The guild in Algonquin was the scene of my very FIRST lecture/program after my first book was published. Speaking to large groups was not among my favorite things then and I really didn't know what to expect but I made a lot of mental notes to myself afterwards - don't do this, don't do that again, don't forget your reading glasses, bring a water bottle, don't worry if you don't know the answer, someone else probably will, and oh yes  - suck in your tummy if anyone takes pictures, LOL. It wasn't exactly a disaster, but I remember being very, VERY nervous, and yet, 6 years later, they asked me back and didn't seem to mind that I used them for practice that time. Or maybe I didn't make such a stellar impression the first time and they forgot I was even there and that's why they called me, LOL.

While speaking to groups is not my favorite part of my work (and I'm not the only one it seems. A quilter friend recently told me that she threw up in the bathroom before one of HER lectures . . . that hasn't happened to me yet), I do love talking to everyone individually afterwards, answering questions, signing books, showing my quilts and hearing the stories they tell me about their quilts.

This week I'm also going back to work on my daughter's quilt too. The pink and brown quilt (a more feminine version of the Soldier's Cot Quilt in The Civil War Sewing Circle) for her to take to college, remember?

Some pieces are cut.

 Fall will be here before you know it and I only have a few blocks done. It gets mighty cold up where she's going to school so she'll definitely need it.

Fabrics picked out and waiting to be cut

There will be no puppies to keep her warm where she's going . . . no dogs allowed in dorms. I hope to get a few more blocks finished this week and plug away on it the best I can if I have the energy after that. No rest for the weary!

You'll be happy to hear I've actually been a little more inspired lately, with some help from my friends, and I'll give you the scoop on that next time.


Heartsdesire said...

Looks like things are slowly getting back to normal for you. Your daughter is one lucky gal. That quilt is going to be fabulous. Wish I lived in your neck of the woods, I would love to hear one of your lectures and see your quilts in person.

Diane said...

Glad your getting your energy back. Hope you have a great time!

Beth said...

YES!!! Good for you. Have fun being around other quilters and all their quilts.

Diane H said...

Happy to hear your feeling better. Looking forward to seeing your daughters beautiful quilt come together.

Merilyn said...

Glad to hear that some inspiration has been visiting you lately!!! See! it was there all the time, just waiting for the right moment to reappear!!! Whew!
I look forward to seeing more of the Soldiers' Cot quilt blocks, it is going to be a rather lovely quilt, I am sure of that!!!

Micki said...

Glad that you are feeling better and the quilt is just spectacular! You are using all of my favorite colors!

The Civil War Quilter said...

Maybe standing up in front of a roomful of quilters is exactly what you need to get back to normal. I'm sure you'll be great! Good luck. I only wish I could be in that crowd. I can't wait to see your daughter's dorm quilt. The fabrics are gorgeous.

Jantine said...

I am so happy for you you got back to sewing! I hope you enjoy it! That is the most important, isn't it?


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