Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bring Back the Past

Guess what?? I have good news for some of you who are newish fans. I just found out that my first book, American Doll Quilts (published in 2004), which has been out of print for a few years, is now available in a Print on Demand paperback edition through Amazon .

This is very good news! You know that it is VERY expensive for publishers to print up copies of a book, particularly a book that is more than a few years old that may not sell as well as a newer book. This is a great alternative for publishers.  I know some of you have already bought the digital version (e-book, which is also still available) because it was better than nothing when you could not find the actual book even though you really wished for a hard copy of this wonderful little book. Wishes come true!

(Photo by Brent Kane)

Unfortunately, there is no way to get a signed copy of the book from me since the copies are very expensive for me to buy myself from Amazon and then resell to you. (FYI - I am not making any money on this whole thing.) But we'll take what we can get, right? The good thing is that the book has been thrown back out there in the world of quilting again!

(Photo by Brent Kane)

Please keep in mind that it was my very FIRST book and when I had the idea and sent it to my publisher, I was more surprised than anyone when they accepted my proposal and said they would like to publish my book. I was not a very experienced quilter but took a chance anyway and was given FOUR months to make all of the quilts, do the research and write the text. Sheesh! Can you get it done in four months? they asked. Short answer to a quilting career: Of course I can! The pressure, please. I had NO idea what I was in for and so while it is a wonderful little book full of small quilts and projects, you can tell that I was almost like a child struggling with learning how to quilt as I went along. I did my very best, LOL.

So forgive my lack of expertise in the quiltmaking. Maybe no one will notice. Often, over the years, I have thought of re-making some of those little quilts now that I finally know what I am doing. But they DO have a certain charm I think, crooked stitches and unmatched seams and all. And anyway, the way I look at it - the past is the past and cannot be redone.

It fits right in with the theme of the book - making doll quilts with a childish hand the way they made them in the past. So many of you loved the  book  anyway and it became a best seller and allowed me to grow and have 3 more books published since then. So now you, my newer fans, who have been following me since my later books have been published, or maybe since I began writing this blog, will have the opportunity to finally collect all four of my books.

I am so happy about this. I am not sure how long this will last or if it will only be available for a certain time period, so make haste as they say.

So here's to simple little quilts and the beginners and children from long ago who made them and got started on a quilting journey . . . and the book that started the journey for me.


Heartsdesire said...

How great to see this book back in limited print. I bought my copy when it first came out and have been enjoying it ever since. Along with your newer books and patterns. I never noticed your lack of quilting expertise. I thought this was the way you wanted them to look. Someone once told me that if you are a perfectionist, then you should find another hobby instead of quilting. So sometimes when my seams don't exactly match or the quilting isn't precise, I don't care. Who needs the pressure. I quilt because I love it.

jen said...

i love this book! :-)

i just bought the e-version a month ago ~
& actually love looking at it on screen,
because the colours are so radiant.

why not buy a package of pretty bookplates,
& offer a signed one to anyone who wants you to "sign" their ADQ for them?

i know Alicia Paulson over at has done this in the past.


Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I have the "real" book and have enjoyed it very much. I love the one with the embroidery in the middle - I made 2 of them. I am a doll bed/doll quilt lover, so your books are just up my line.

Sue said...

It's such sweet news. I am so glad I have a copy of the book before it went out of print the first time :)

The Civil War Quilter said...

That's great news for those quilters who don't already have it. I bought mine from the first printing and love it.

WoolenSails said...

I might have taken that out from our library, so looked it up and put it on order. With the heat kicking up, it would be fun to work on some small pieces.


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hello Kathleen,

I have all of your books that you have written and made many of your adorable quilt designs.

Thank you for your gift of creating and sharing with others who share the same passion of little quilts.

Blessings, Carolyn

Karen said...

Congratulations, Kathleen...even though you won't profit monetarily, it is quite an accomplishment to have your book republished. I have two copies of this one, along with your three newer books and enjoy them all so much. I love your little quilts. They capture that antique look that doll quilts are suppose to have.

Lori said...

How fun to revisit your first book and the adorable little quilts!!

Anne said...

I happened to stop by Amazon the day the book was initially offered. At that time, the book was supposed to ship in one to two months. I quickly placed my order, and then noticed that afternoon that the book could ship a bit sooner. Got an email from Amazon yesterday informing me that the book will ship next week! My persistent hunt for this book paid off when I found a new copy for a fraction of what people had been demanding for used ones!

I know I will love it!

Beth said...

I have made almost every one of the quilts you showed in this post! Love that book.

Delphine said...

I'm very happy because I just found it on! I'll receive it in about a month, during the summer.So I'll have the four books, the collection is complete.

Merilyn said...

I was lucky enough to find ADQ in an obscure little quilt shop some time ago and love it! A quilty friend of mine wants a copy so I have ordered a print-on-demand copy, it will make a great surprise gift!!!
I hope your recovery is coming along at a steady pace after all the excitement of the recent graduation!

Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I'm so very happy that the book is back in print. I have a copy but would love to pick one up for a quilting friend. She keeps borrowing mine, lol. It will be the perfect gift for her. Thanks for letting us know.

Jeana said...

Don't change a thing! Of all my quilt books, your books are the ones I look at again and again. They are so charming! And doll quilts are a quick project that gives you a sense of accomplishment in a short amount of time. And a perfect way to use up precious scraps. Thanks for sharing your gift; you inspire us all!

Louise said...

I had purchased your book when it first came out and gifted it to my very young great niece as she was beginning to sew and quilt. I am very happy to see it available once again. I ordered mine already..

Beginning Quilting Now said...

Great news about the book. The doll quilts are so adorable and yes, the book is a must-read.

Truffle queen said...

I'm one of the lucky ladies who has the book! AND next Tuesday I'm going to be REALLY lucky to have you sign it (I HOPE you will!) at my Prairie Star Quilt Guild meeting! I can't wait!!

YarnAndYearn said...

I am one of you 'newer' fans and have all three latest books, and am thrilled to discover that the first is now available. I have just been to Amazon and bought myself a copy. Take care and mend well.


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