Friday, October 6, 2023

Autumn Leaves Sew Along - Part 3

Step 3 of our little Autumn Leaves Sew Along involves making 12 small Turnstile blocks.  Or Spinning Pinwheels as I sometimes call them. Now 12 may seem like a lot but they stitch up quickly.  I still have a few more to go and I did all these in a day. I pick my fabrics and cut out all the pieces one day and sew on another which makes it easy. 

You may make all 12 blocks from one color paired with the same light background, or use a different colored medium or dark print for each block and a different light background as I did - OR make the spinning parts from four different prints within the block.  Anything goes! Use up your fall-colored scraps and delight in the scrappiness!

Some of you may remember that this block was included in last year's fall Mystery quilt. I like it so much I thought it would be perfect for yet another fall quilt. 

These 3" Turnstile blocks will be used in a pieced border for Step 4, where you’ll also have the option of adding black or darker prints to finish off the quilt. So, if you are hoping to use a dark background for the turnstile blocks in this step instead of light, the finished quilt may be entirely too dark. If you just don’t like the look of a light background for your blocks, my suggestion is to use a tan (or another medium-colored print) to allow for some contrast when the last dark pieces are sewn together.          

You'll find directions for making the block in my Facebook group files or on my website under Autumn Leaves Sew Along. See you on Friday, October 13, for the final step.


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Anonymous said...

This is becoming a very cute quilt. Thank you Kathy. I can start sewing my blocks now the weather has cooled down