Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy May 1 - Another Small Quilt Challenge

It's that time again -  Time to make another small quilt  : )   For our small quilt challenge in May, we're making the Flying Geese Doll Quilt on page 8 of my book Small & Scrappy. I love this little quilt.

Making a small quilt every other month is so doable. I hope you'll have fun following along. As I mentioned recently, this quilt was inspired by this antique flying geese doll quilt -

As soon as I saw it, I knew I would reproduce it someday.

As an extra bonus, we are also making another small quilt from one of my favorite quilters. Drumroll, please! Marian Edwards from Australia has just had a small quilt published in Primitive Quilts magazine (Summer 2017 issue) and so you have the option of also making that lovely little quilt this month. Great job, Marian -  Congratulations!

*   *   *
Looks like May will be a busy month. If you're following along in my Welcome Home Mystery Sew along, Block # 6 has been added to the Files sections of my Facebook Small Quilt Lovers group and also the Yahoo Small Quilt Talk group. I hope you're keeping up. This past weekend I was happy to find time to get my nine-patch blocks done and my squares cut for Block # 5 - the clue from last month. 

We're getting closer to finishing. If you haven't joined in yet, there's still time. I will keep these free monthly patterns available in Files until we finish the quilt in the fall. Here's the post I wrote about starting the Mystery Quilt if you missed it and still want to make this scrappy quilt with me.

Begin with a House - 

Add some half-square triangles to frame it -

Then, add a simple border - 

Make a bunch of square-in-square blocks and some nine-patches (I'll tell you what to do with them later).

It's simple to follow along - Join my Facebook group or the Yahoo group  (click on the link on the sidebar of the blog) to get the patterns. Right now the groups are the only way for me to upload these types of files so you have to become a member to follow along.

Happy May 1! We've had quite a bit of rain here in Illinois lately and my backyard is now a small pond. But the sun just came out and everything is getting greener by the minute.


Joni said...

Loved your post of spots in your yard. We moved to Poplar Grove IL a year ago and bought a home last October. I had no idea of what all may be growing around the house and was delighted to find the violets. I lived in Las Vegas where my garden was very different than my upstate NY one was. I've missed my green an am enjoying planting and also my lilac bush is blooming-I've really missed them....

Sue Bennett said...

Love the flying geese. This will be a fun one to make.

Jennifer M said...

Sounds like a lot of fun Kathy! Yes, rain, rain. I'm ready for some sunshine.

LuAnn said...

Love, Love, Love this one!!! I am dying to make it, but in the process of packing up my sewing room for the move to Wisconsin. So hard to pack my sewing up..
Thanks, Kathy!!

Leslie Laudani said...

Love the quilt in the fourth picture. I have all your books but I don't recognize this one. Is there a pattern for this? :)

Kathleen Tracy said...

Leslie - This little quilt was made by Marian Edwards, a friend and member of the small quilt groups, and appears in the Summer issue of Primitive Quilts magazine.

quiltgrannie said...

Yes!!! I'm ready for the rain to stop.... Looking forward to making both little quilts. Thanks, Kathy and congratulations Marian!!

marian said...

Kathy, i love that scrappy little flying geese quilt!! It's simplicity & it's scrappiness really speaks to me!!

I'm so enjoying the mystery sew-along, and loving this month's clue!!

What pretty garden beds you have, they look so bright & fresh after the rain.

Thank you for your kinds words about my little doll quilt :))

Karen Andreola said...

When I opened my copy of your book and saw the flying geese I knew it was the first quilt I wanted to make. I filled it with color. It's hanging in my bedroom. And although I've made a couple doll quilts since, the flying geese is still my favorite. Thanks for the inspiration.


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