Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day Quilt Pattern Sale

Happy Earth Day, quilters! In the interest of helping out the environment, my publisher, Martingale, is having a blow-out e-pattern and e-book sale this weekend. E-books are 50% off and e-patterns are only $1.00 each. That's right - $1.00. What a deal.  Go digital for Earth Day and visit the website to order. (With e-patterns and e-books, you just download them instantly to your computer (or iPad). So easy - no paper and no waiting for the mail to arrive.) 

Here are a few of my favorites -

Of course you'll want this orange peel pattern of mine if you don't have it yet  : )  

You can't beat this kind of a pattern sale. And there are many more. Too many to list. Visit Martingale's blog or website for more info and order a few if you need a few new books, patterns or projects to work on (Hah! You know we always need more projects . . . .). 

Have a great weekend and Happy Earth Day! I'll be spending my time quilting inside today but cheering on my husband from the window as he cleans up the earth in the backyard, mows the lawn and picks up a multitude of tree branches from the last storm.  


Carolknits said...

Thank you for letting us know about the sale. I just downloaded 5 patterns (more of yours) for $5....amazing. I'm so happy. Thanks!

Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing the link. i bought one pattern and may go back for more! And thanks for the reminder of your orange peel quilt....I have the book and want to make it someday....maybe sooner rather than later!


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