Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Winds and Pinwheels

March is always such a windy month here in Chicago.

That's why I chose my Scrappy Pinwheels quilt for this month's small quilt challenge -  it reminds me of gusty, windy days. Twirling, swirling pinwheel blocks made with all sorts of wonderful scraps.

I look at this quilt and I think of those twirly propeller hats. Ready for lift off!

You know I love Civil War era and 1800s reproduction prints and so yes, that's what I used to make mine.  From some of my favorite scraps. But you can pick your own colors to make your quilt. That's the rule. Make what you love.

Have fun playing around with your scraps. Join my Facebook small quilt group and show us a picture when you're finished.

Also, I'll be posting another Mystery Quilt clue on Friday, March 3. You'll find the directions for my free Welcome Home Mystery Quilt sew along  in the Files section of the Facebook group (access the files from the group home page) or in Files in the Yahoo Small Quilt group. We're making this quilt a little bit at a time and we'll finish them in August or September. 


Rosa said...

So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

So happy to see the blue cups quilt pattern! Very excited to start this very charming quilt! Nancy K Walker

Colleen said...

Love the Civil War fabrics for the pinwheels :)

pens and needles said...

It's windy down here in the Ozarks, too, and I've been out in it and actually thought about pinwheels spinning like crazy! I love your scrappy pinwheels quilt. I'm kind of stuck on reproduction "dark" fabrics for my current projects and am thinking today about breaking out of my mold and using some cheery, bright primary-color fabrics for the mystery sew-along. I'm behind (as usual) but think I'll go up to my sewing room RIGHT NOW and cut out a house and play catch-up. :)

jec said...

hi kathleen....
i took part in your monthly mini quilt tops quilt a long that we subscribed to for 6 months last year. is there any way you would consider posting the patterns for this current quilt a long here on your blog posts. i am not a facebook person and yahoo has had way too many security issues. just thought i would ask. thanks for all your wonderful inspirations.

Kathleen Tracy said...

Janet - I am sorry but the Blogger format does not allow me to upload a file to my blog. I cannot post it as blog text because there are too many diagrams. The groups are the only way I can do this. Perhaps you could ask a friend who has a Facebook page?


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