Monday, February 13, 2017

Little Hearts

There was no time to make a quilt but I still had to make a little something for Valentine's Day.

I sort of followed a tutorial on the Cluck Cluck Sew blog for making the hearts but fooled around and made mine a little bit smaller for a coaster and mug rug. Or, maybe I'll surprise myself and make a few more and then that one on the plate will become a block in a quilt someday.

Right now I'm working on the second block(s) for the Welcome home Mystery Quilt.  I'll upload the pattern to the files in my Yahoo and Facebook groups on Wednesday, Feb 15. Don't worry -  this part will not be nearly as difficult as the first block. Oh my goodness, what a disaster with those templates and the sizing of the block. Sorry for all of the confusion when some of you printed out the pattern as a .pdf file. The rest of the quilt will be more straightforward and the remaining blocks much simpler. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


daniela said...

thanks for everything !!
I look happy again two days!!!
Ciao da Milano

Sue McQ said...

Happy Valentine Day to you! The little block is so pretty. No problem on the house block- coping strips as Karen S suggested will do!

Candee said...

I'm excited for the next step! Happy Valentine's Day!

Rosa said...

So cute little blocks.Happy Valentine Day to you too!

ziggee said...

very nice.

Jennifer M said...

Wonderful blocks Kathy. We got through that house block so no worries. Looking forward to what's next:)

annie said...

Loved the hearts! How sweet!


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