Friday, November 2, 2012

November Small Quilt Fun

If you are following along and making one smalll quilt a month with us, the quilt for November is the little Amish quilt from my first book, American Doll Quilts. Many of you have this book and perhaps have already made this quilt.

It's a very simple quilt to make and it will not take you long at all. If you do not like my color or fabric choices, choose other fabrics. I think it will look cute in any color scheme. And it’s a perfect quilt for using up all those small scraps you have lying around.
The blocks are made from 1 1/2" squares, pieced together with 4 1/2" setting squares. I used 2 1/2 " border strips pieced together with a four-patch block (made from 1 1/2" squares). How simple. Of course, the directions in the book are more detailed but you get the idea.
American Doll Quilts went out of print a couple of years ago but it is still available if you look hard enough. I have a limited number of  signed copies of the original book that I am selling in my Etsy shop .
In addition to the original, there are 2 other versions available now. You can buy the digital "e-book" and print it out yourself on your computer as a .pdf file (no need to buy a Kindle or Nook to be able to read it, honest). My publisher has the e-book  for sale hereAmazon has copies of the book (printed on-demand) available here. 
You can check eBay too. There are almost always a few copies floating around there. Again, if you do not like the plain solid colors I used to make the original quilt, I think it would be a great choice to make it in your own colors, using a variety  of scrap squares to make your blocks. Here's an example designed with reproduction scraps.

My scrap basket is overflowing right now and I always have an abundance of 1 1/2" squares or strips so I am going to make this one in the scrap version too.

Just one of many baskets I use to hold my scraps, which  need to be organized AGAIN, can you believe it?
Play around with your scraps and have fun with this one!



Lois McCoy said...

love it! hope to squeeze it into my schedule this month. Thanks for prodding us!

Every Stitch said...

Love the colours you have made it in, and your quilting. An Amish quilt (or preferrably several!) is on my list of "to make"s - such great colour combinations in plain fabrics!

Amanda said...

I love your basket! Did you make it?

marian said...

ooooooh i'm itchin' to get started on my very first Amish quilt but first i MUST finish my hexagon quilt.
i got somewhat distracted by a fun quilt-a-long which i finished today. So now it's back to my hexi quilt till it's done.. promise :))

Pensée et Lavande said...

Hey,j'adore votre travail,les couleurs sont d'un bel assortis ce petit mini quilt me plait particulierement,DOUX WEEK END

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I am behind. I was not able to do a hexie but I will catch up at some point by at least making a a one block little bitty one. I have never made anything Amish style. This one will be fun!

Fabric Quilt Shop said...

Love this. I'm thinking about changing colors to Christmas colors and making some for my granddaughters teachers. Thanks for the picture.

Ольга Т. said...

Обожаю Ваши квилтики. Душевно, гармонично, красиво!!!

kathy osterby said...

I'm still trying to catch up will all the quilts but will definitely make this one. I love the solids so will try that one.

Lois McCoy said...

well, I finished the top tonight! that is two tops done, but not quilted. thanks for posting these -- I am loving doing them!


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