Sunday, November 25, 2012

Craft Sale

On Friday after Thanksgiving, instead of hitting a mall to start Christmas shopping,  my friend Ingrid and I went to a special craft sale at Karen's home. She had some wonderful things and I'm glad we stopped.
I decided I could not live without this wool appliqued Merry Christmas banner and bought that along with a wool appliqued case for my glasses. (I have not worked much with wool but it's on the list. . . )
I love Christmas greeting signs and am sure that Karen made this especially with me in mind, LOL. How did she know??
(Scrappy Stars quilt is from my book Remembering Adelia)
I haven't started decorating for Christmas yet but think I will hang it above the doorway from the front hall to the living room.
This black frame is the perfect size to show off a small, primitive appliqued quilt I'm working on (no, not wool).
(FYI - Karen said this case is made from a Kim Diehl pattern.)
It also works as a case for your rotary cutter.
On the way home we stopped at a couple of local shops, avoiding the big malls and the crowds.  I hate shopping on Black Friday but the crowds were not too bad at a few of the small malls we went to and I was able to pick up a few stocking stuffers for my daughter, including this adorable coffee/tea travel mug with pink dog bones on it, so sweet.
(Don't worry about me spoiling the surprise. I'm pretty sure my daughter would not be caught dead looking at my blog, LOL . . .)
We also stopped at PetSmart but I could NOT find a battery-operated crazy ball for the dog, darn it. We used to have one for the other dog and it broke. My kids are grown and there are no small children in the  family so I have to get my Christmas jollies buying toys for the dog, how sad is that?
Please, please won't you buy me a new toy for Christmas? "Sheepie" is starting to get a little ratty looking . . . . By the way, speaking of ratty, I could use a haircut too.
I was sooo tired when I got home (the three days of cooking, cleaning and entertaining for Thanksgiving finally caught up with me) that I just heated up some leftovers and crawled under a quilt and read and watched TV for a few hours, LOL. Then I got up and ate some pie. A good day.
 (Soldier's Cot quilt from Remembering Adelia)


regan said...

Some really beautiful things at that craft sale! And I love that Merry Christmas banner! Sweet! And your dog is the cutest thing ever! That toy is bigger than he is, and yet, he's still in control of it! Ha!

Gayle said...

Love that banner - how long is it? Sounds like you had a great day with a friend.

barbara said...

Thank you for your wonderful Thanksgiving post. I would love to have been to Karen's craft sale. Is she willing to share her beautiful items with a stranger? I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend-I also avoided the malls!

Betty Lou said...

Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate Black Friday, all except poor doggie didn't get a crazy ball. Love the quilt on the sofa, looks like the potholder blocks. Silly question, did you make it? Hope you are going to do your mini quilt monthly quilt along next year.

Kathleen Tracy said...

Thank you, Betty Lou! Yes, I love that quilt and I made it too. It is the Soldier's Cot quilt from my book Remembering Adelia, The Scrappy Stars quilt with blue backgrounds up near the top of the page is from the same book. Who knew I made big quilts too??

Leeanne said...

Wow sounds like a great day...I love the Christmas banner too!
Wouldn't it make a lovely border on a table runner!

Marisa said...

Muy lindo.PAZ Y AMOR

Sue Bennett said...

what a perfect way to go out on Black Friday. I love the small shops. The banner is just perfect. Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

Kathleen Tracy said...

Barbara - If you see an item you like you can e-mail me and I will give you Karen's email so you can contact her. She does not have a website but I know she has taken orders for the doll beds before.

cathpatch said...

Congratulations for your Quilt,
and your Beautiful Christmas Banner!
Bye Bye from France!

Heartsdesire said...

That Christmas banner is going to look so lovely in your home. And ending the day with pie is a very good thing. In fact, starting the day with pie is also

Anonymous said...


The Christmas banner is gorgeous! And your dog just darling!!! Didn't you have 2 dogs?

Diane from Naperville

Angel said...

Is there a pattern around somewhere for the banner? I thought that I have seen it before but I can't seem to find anything. I would love to make one!

Anica gp said...

Hola Kathleen!!me encantan tus trabajos,grandes o pequeños y visitar tu blog siempre es un placer.Tus diseños y sus colores,tus fotos,tus comentarios y tus perros...muchas gracias por compartir parte de tu vida!!!un saludo


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