Monday, November 12, 2012

I Always Seem to Have So Much Fun

The other day I received a cute e-mail from someone thanking me for my blog  -  she enjoys it immensely and said it looks like I always do so many fun things, always have so much fun. Me?? You're kidding, right? My life is beyond boring I'm afraid and an exciting day for me lately is taking a walk with the dog and finding a penny, LOL. 
"Look, Mom, ANOTHER penny!"
Last week, however, I did make my own granola, from scratch. That was exciting and fun too. This week we have to buy a new dishwasher. That will certainly be a lot of fun. Last week I also burned the top part of my foot while refilling the steam vaporizer (ouch!). It blistered and hurt so much I couldn't wear a shoe for days, had to stay home, keep the foot clean and change the bandage often. But I read a few books and got caught up on some of my TV shows.  So maybe she's right -  depending upon how you look at it, I guess I DO always have a lot of fun.
Before the foot thing happened though, I took a quick trip to an antiques mall, just to look around, for fun.
Is this the coolest backing fabric? I didn't love the front of the quilt for some reason. Maybe it was the price tag.
I don't often see antique quilts that I love and just have to have.
(This reminded me of my little Feedsack Flower Garden quilt from American Doll Quilts.)
I walked past this one several times. It kept tugging at me and pulling me in for some reason. Can you see why? Maybe it was the cheerful prints on a gloomy day. So I gave in and bought it the 4th time around. It was surprisingly inexpensive and when I brought it up to the counter, they were giving something like 20 % off if you paid cash that day. Lucky me, I just happened to have some birthday money in my pocket. 
Isn't it adorable? The flowers almost seem to be dancing. Two of the petals were slightly frayed but still happy, not pathetic, and I love that in a quilt. I liked it better than the dark antique quilts I couldn't afford. And I love it even more now that it's home. Makes me want to dance when I look at it . . . .
(OMG, please forgive the corniness. Sometimes I cannot resist bringing out the silly dancing daisies, LOL.) 
Anyway, antiques malls are such fun. Sometimes you go 'round a corner and you never know what you'll find. 
 - Till the NEXT time I have some fun to share with you . . . . 


The Civil War Quilter said...

Sounds like a lot of fun to me too! All but the scalded foot part...hope it feels all better now! I love that old quilt that you like the backing better. To each their own, right? :)

audrey said...

It always looks better from the outside looking in! Your boring life sounds pretty 'fun' considering all the wonderful quilting you do. Thanks for the inspiration.:)

Me and My Stitches said...

Yep...looks like fun (except for the foot) - I want to know if you brought home the woolly mammoth?

Anonymous said...

Kathy. I just don't know what to think....doing the hot foot Hokey Pokey is not what it's all about. Hurricanes paste paste yourself. Ooooowwww

But having some good reads in house was fortunate. Keep the Penney if you found it after your encounter otherwise put it back where you found it..... Dancing daisies indeed...

I went to the first day of a friend's LQS closing sale...sorry to see her close but she is ready after 15 plus years and I added some repro's to my basket. I love your storage baskets and I have stacks of ones I can't part with...and I found some others lurking in my stash. I guess I will have a leaf exchange with myself.

Jane NJ

Leeanne said...

Life is what we make it! The simplest things often bring the most pleasure.
Oh I do wish we had antique malls here in NZ like you do....still I might not have any money left!

Prima Donna said...

I had to read the first paragraph of your blog to my DH. He loves finding dropped pennies and dimes. That seems to be enough entertainment for him. LOL

Tania Smith said...

Hi Kathleen, fun for me is staying home with just me, my little dog, some sewing and a good movie or tv series to watch, with a couple of books on the side in case I get bored with any of the other stuff lol! Home is not only where the heart is, sometimes it is where the fun is too! Best regards

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I love your new old little quilt. The flowers are darling. All of those old quilts are beautiful. However those dolls facial expressions are a bit creepy. LOL

Anonymous said...

Kathy, love that new quilt of yours! so cheery. Makes me want to pull out my feedsacks and make your doll quilt right now! Sounds better than cleaning the house today.Thanks! Gail

Alessandra said...

Olá como estas? espero que bem
vim fazer uma visitinha , tudo perfeito
por aqui , vem me visitar também


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