Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Puppies, No Quilts

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE dogs. My daughter, Caitlin, is even more in love with dogs than I am. Although we already had a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier named Rigby she talked us into getting her her very OWN malti-poo puppy (Maltese/poodle mix) last year and named her Ophelia (we call her "Lia"). I call her Princess Lia because--guess what--she's spoiled. But she's still a darling puppy. Rigby is the sweetest, gentlest dog and Lia absolutely terrorizes him (like any little sister) by taking his rawhide bones and hiding them from him. She teases him too. She likes to leave just a tiny bit of food in her bowl every morning, walks away and then watches and waits around the corner for him to come by and taste it. Then she makes a mad dash from across the room and jumps up on him and growls to reprimand him when he does. He falls for it every time, LOL! Silly dogs.

Lia got a much needed haircut/grooming today and while I was waiting I wandered over to the puppy bowl aisle at PetSmart to find a replacement bowl for the one that cracked. Found the perfect bowl on sale for only $1.99. Pink, too! Fit for a princess. Then I bought her a new ball. Wonder if the little scottie quilt is going to end up being hers??

Now you can guess why I picked the quilt I did for our current small quilt group challenge.

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Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Your dog its very lovely !! ...

Marylin FRANCE


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