Saturday, June 20, 2009

Flea Market Saturday

Today was a gorgeous, sunny day, a little hot and humid but a welcome change after the rainstorms and hail we had in the Chicago area yesterday. So my friend Julia and I went to the Antiques Fair/Flea Market in Grayslake.

I was disappointed that there weren't very many quilts for sale at all. The one quilt I really liked was way out of my price range. I love the pattern though and will probably just recreate it with scraps of indigo, red and plaids/checks from my scrapbag.

Julia found this quilt and snapped it up because she loved the bright colors and also the price was so right. AND it matches her outfit perfectly, don't you think? A wonderful quilt to find on a sunny, summer day.

Here are some things I considered buying, but passed up. Don't you just love the ice cream cones border on this one??

And the colors and hand quilting in this Amish quilt?

I could fill up this buggy with doll quilts, LOL.

Love toy sewing machines but already have a few . . . . These were probably overpriced anyway.

I DO collect antique or antique-looking lockets and have fun searching for different ones I don't already have, so finding this one was a particular treat. The locket on the right is one I bought on my LAST trip to the flea market. The book-shaped locket below belonged to my mother and was the one that started my collection years ago.

No wonder I never have any money to buy antique quilts--I go for the truly sentimental thing every time!

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