Saturday, June 6, 2009

Crazy for Little Quilts

I love making small quilts and if you're reading this and following my blog, you probably do too. Quilts come in all sizes. Small quilts or doll quilts are SO much fun to make and you can actually crank them out pretty quickly in between larger ones. I like to experiment with quilt blocks or styles I wouldn't necessarily try in a large quilt. There's a little Amish quilt and also a crazy quilt in American Doll Quilts, my first book. I may not ever make a large quilt in either one of those styles, but the little ones sure are cute and you can make them in no time at all. Little quilts are also perfect for practicing your hand quilting--it really adds something, I think. Even if the first one you try isn't all that good, keep at it and you'll get better.


Carol said...

I love the little Amish quilt.

Renate said...

I like both quilts, the Crazy Quilt and the Amish Quilt too.
Little are so funny to make.


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