Thursday, November 15, 2012

Karen's Quilts

If you love traditional quilts you'll enjoy seeing what Karen Schultz came up with for her challenge quilts. Like Sue, who was profiled here last week, Karen also made the quilts from this year's small quilt challenge.

Karen (middle) flanked by Becky and Melody (who are also members of my Small Quilt group)

Karen has been quilting for over thirty years and started out making simple patchwork quilts for friends and family. "They were all large quilts so you can imagine how happy I was with the invention of the rotary cutter!"  

Like many of us, she became interested in small quilts when her two girls "needed" them for their dolls. Patterns from the Little Quilts books (and my books too) gave her the inspiration to create a number of small quilts to go along with the primitive decor in her home.


Karen and her husband Bill started their craft business Stitches & Wood Chips in 1993 when they set up a booth in a Country Sampler shop and have now moved on to making mostly primitive items which they sell at craft shows. After 38 years of marriage and 8 grandchildren, they still enjoy crafting together. You may remember seeing some of Karen's primitive items on my blog now and then. I especially love the 2 doll beds that they crafted for me and the black wooden tray that's shown in the picture of this month's quilt.
Don't you just love her displays?? I think this one is my favorite . . .
No, wait, maybe this one . . . .

Thanks, Karen, for letting me show everyone the great work you've done with the quilts for the challenge this year. Can't wait to see more of your creations in our Yahoo group!
(If you live in the northwest suburban Chicago area, Karen is having a Holiday Craft Show with some of her primitive wares next week, Nov 23 -  24, Friday and Saturday. I went to her show last year and picked up some great items. E-mail me for details. Or, if it's too far from where you live and you are interested in purchasing a doll bed of your own, e-mail me again and I'll put you in touch with Karen. It's the perfect way to display some of the little quilts you've made!)


  1. well done, Karen!! her quilts are simply adorable and beautifully displayed :)))

  2. Every single one of her quilts just charmed the socks off me! : )

  3. I truly admire how beautifully made Karen's quilts are and her steadfastness. And she's a lovely person to boot.

  4. They are are so lovely and so nicely displayed. Hope you do this again next year and I will get on board. Thanks you for sharing what others have done this year.

  5. I enjoyed this post very much! Beautiful work by Karen! Thanks for the profile... it's so enjoyable to see what other lovers of mini quilts are making. I hope to see more profiles in the weeks ahead! Thank you, Kathleen!

  6. Well done,Karen.Your quilts is just fabulous!!

  7. very nice little quilts, appreciate the inspiration!

  8. I really enjoyed seeing all your quilts together. You do very nice work and your displays are always a treat to see. Your colors always inspire me.

  9. I purchased one of Karen's black doll beds last year and I just love it!

  10. Ces petites quilts sont merveilleusement jolis, félicitations.


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