Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thank you!

I have the BEST fans, don't I? Thank you all so much for all of your comments after my last post. You are all so right about everything - but please don't be alarmed, sometimes I just have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel but I just cannot see it yet because I am too deep in the middle of that tunnel. I WANT to quilt but I think I also DON'T want to quilt, does that make sense? Push - pull, I need a break, I don't want to take a break. Like so many of you I am addicted to quilting and my life feels off if I am not making something. That's the hard part because I simply have no energy yet, so that's part of the problem. I know it will be resolved in time (sooner than later I hope) and I will find a good balance.

Lovely squares I really can't wait to put into a quilt . . . .

Don't worry, I do intend to take it easy and simply take the pressure off myself for a while and try not to worry about the fact that I am not being especially "creatively productive" right now. I always have enough to do to keep me busy anyway. I have a doctor appointment coming up and will get a good post-surgery checkup. Will get some of those questions answered. My daughter and I are going on a little shopping trip this week to find something for me to wear to her brother's graduation next weekend. I have nothing to wear that's loose and comfortable around my middle . . . . Also, I need a haircut like you would not believe. Enough little outings, one a day,  to tire me out for sure but without TOO much exhaustion.

Please, I did not mean to criticize those of you who are looking forward to future projects. I'm flattered that so many of you always become excited about a new book! They take a looong time, however, and a lot of work, which is a little overwhelming at this point. I like to tell people to please make some of the quilts from my last book first . . .  don't just look at the pictures, LOL. It's very frustrating for me because I know I also put  pressure on myself to please people with new things/projects as well. This blog will have to stand in as my Creative Outlet for now.

The birthday barbeque yesterday was nice and it was great getting together with our families. Everyone brought something to eat and also helped with clean-up so I was able to take it easy a little. I have four sisters and when we get together my husband says we all talk at the same time, over each other, LOL. By the time everyone left, I ran out of steam and went to bed at nine . . .

My daughter's favorite gift was probably these shoes we got for her. What is it about teenagers and shoes these days??

Thank goodness for wish lists, online shopping and free shipping 

Oh, that and the fact that I let her use my Barnes & Noble account to buy some e-books to read on my Nook.  Years ago, after disasters always seemed to occur whenever one of my kids "borrowed" my CD player, ipod, phone, etc., I  instituted a "hands-off" rule as far as my personal electronics went. The ban was finally lifted. What a mom, huh? But I doubt I'll let her take it to the beach.


  1. Take care of yourself...as Grandma always said "This to shall pass".

  2. That- a - girl - Kathleen!!!!! Good for you. P.S. For your sons graduation ----Shifts are back ---simple, ellegant and comfortable to wear! Just a thought.

    :) Carolyn

  3. You can do it, Kathleen... there is a REASON for this "down time"... you'll figure it out some day!

  4. YOU are more important than anything else! You will get back to good health sooner without stress. I hope you have a good shopping trip, find just what you are looking for, and get a good haircut at the same time. Just try not to over-do.

  5. Dear Kathleen, with all that has been going on with your health and recovering, it's no surprise at all that you're on a creative hold. It's very frustrating, but it will pass. You just need this time, and all of your 'quilt juices' will be running again in a while. It happens to all of us quilters ( and I don't even design, I just make them!), I guess, and I spent my 'waiting time' doing some crochet ( so much fun!)and cross stitching.
    And please don't worry about a new book; you've recently written one already, and it's sooo much work! People have to practice their patience...
    I wish you all the fun at the hairdresser's; everyone needs some pampering from time to time! ;-)

  6. I still won't let my daughter use my things and she is 26, lol.
    I haven't done a lot of quilting the last few weeks, cleaning and working outside is what my brain wants to do, so I go with the flow and quilt a bit a night while I watch tv.


  7. Sometimes we can't put the pedal to the metal and are forced to slow down a little. Enjoy the good wishes of your blogger friends.

  8. What's this about not being "creatively productive??" Of course you are! When your body is creating new tissue and blood cells and trying to mend - how's that for being productive? Take it easy. Soon you will long for a day in which you just rest. Take care, Mary

  9. I'm glad to hear the birthday celebrations went off ok! Sounds as if you are taking a deep breath now, which is really good! Enjoy the small simple things, and of course the haircut LOL!!!, hopefully it will make you feel a lot better, it's amazing what a little pampering can do for the soul!!! Take care.....

  10. Kathy, i recognize that lost in 'no man's land' feeling and it's just the worst feeling, isn't it!! Trust me you will get your mojo back it's just having a little vacation..hang in there lol!! hugz, Marian x

  11. Kathy, today i received yuor books ;)))
    i'm very happy
    thank you
    ciao Maria


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