Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Daily Creative Effort

A few posts back I wrote about making something every day, trying to be creative on a daily basis. How's that going?? you're probably wondering. Well, last week I was busy getting all the new books out to people after they were shipped to me and gosh darn it I had to be pretty "creative" doing that for days - "Dear Sally,  Blah, blah, blah, Yours, Kathleen Tracy." Has to count for something creative, right?

In between rushing off to Office Max for more padded envelopes and numerous runs to the Post Office I made sure I took a few minutes here and there to stop and work on a couple of things. Like the "ugly squares" I picked up last Spring and blogged about here.

This generated quite a few comments when I said certain fabric was ugly to me. Sorry, I still haven't changed my mind - I have to like fabric to buy it and not all reproduction prints appeal to me, antique looking or not. These squares came pre-cut in a package so I had no choice. BUT, when I paired up my ugly squares with prints I liked I came up with quite a few blocks that are great! A little ugly  +  a little pretty  =  Good job, Kathy.

Inspired by some great antique quilts made with ugly fabric in this old book - Remember Me, by Linda Otto Lipsett,

I made a few blocks from the ugly, not ugly squares/triangles and decided it really is all about how you look at it.

Every now and then a quilt maybe needs a little, just a little, of some fabric you would never have thought to include, much less buy, in order for it to have that true antique look we all love. My quilts also will always have that "true" antique look because the blocks are never quite perfect, ha! Just like antique quilts, a little off in places. And I don't even have to work at it that much, like some do, LOL. THEY JUST TURN OUT THAT WAY! Is that cool or what??

It's good to know I'm still learning and keeping an open mind. Who knows, maybe someday I'll even fall in love with brown and green . . .


  1. Thanks for sharing your "little bit off" blocks. When I use stripes or certain prints, they always come out "a little bit off" center. And the really funny thing is that the antique quilt makers used what they had. We have the luxury of buying what we like ;-)

  2. WOW what a perfect combo!!..your ugly fabrics really pack a punch and i love how they make your blocks look even more vintagey & scrappy.

    i can't believe you don't like brown or green..TRUE??

    btw just thought you'd like to know..i'm waiting ever so patiently for your new book to arrive :))

  3. Glad to see you may become a convert to 'uglies'! I love them, especially when married up to 'pretties' then they are awesome!!! I love your little blocks, looks as though you had a wonderful time!!!

  4. I feel the same way. In fact, when I first saw some reproductions I didn't like them at all and had no desire to buy any. Now, I can't get enough of them, but I'm like you, I have to like it to buy it and some reproductions I do not like. I am getting used to some of the strange patterns now though and am starting to like them. I even like cheddar now, when at first I didn't like it at all. Hee Hee!

  5. Ha! What a fantastic post. I really enjoy the sound of your voice and yes, yes someday soon you will fall in love with brown and green. Green was the hardest one for me. I still have to be reminded "Karen... where's the green?" Except you might admit Red, Green and White is really stunning?

  6. Hey! I'm with you, reproduction fabrics are not exactly my thing, I'm making the Raggedy Ann quilt witch in my opinion fabrics are not of my liking but the quilt grew on me and decided to go for it, (since is one of the few times that you get a full size quilt pattern)and althugh I'm not in love with the material: I think it looks good together. So keep on with the ugly fabrics..Ruth K>

  7. I bought your book this weekend from my local quilt shop. I love it, thanks! Can't wait to make something from it.

  8. What a great post about ugly fabric. I have a old quilt that I'm trying to make out of reproduction fabric and some of it is UGLY,and trying to pair it up with some more ugly fabric, and the cutting go on & on.

    have a good one

  9. I have more brown and green fabrics than any other colour in my cupboard and I love the ugly ones but can't always find a place to use them. Your blocks are great and I love them all. Maybe I need to jump right in and use them like you have.

  10. Hi! Maybe I'm a sucker for hopeless causes, but I have a soft spot for ugly reproduction fabrics. I love finding them in old quilts and using them in new ones. Sometimes they add spark, sometimes they calm things down...and sometimes, they just add a little interest.

  11. I think Judy Martin is the one that says if your fabric is still ugly, you haven't cut it into a small enough your blog, Kathleen, and your new book is absolutely wonderful! love it love it love it...


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