Thursday, June 1, 2023

Organizing for Finishing

If you're joining me in finishing up some of your unfinished projects, here are a few suggestions. We'll be starting this personal challenge in my Facebook group in June 2023: 
            If you can find time, organize your sewing space a little before you start. For me, getting rid of clutter makes it easier to focus on a new (or, in this case, old) project. Clear off that sewing table to make sure you have space to sew. Do the same with your cutting table. Fold up the fabric and put things away. You might actually find something you've been looking for in the process LOL.

I have a small sewing space so I have to organize to make it work.

Scraps organized by color . . . .


          Choose a project to finish. Maybe start with something that's not too overwhelming. Then, in the coming weeks, you may find you're motivated to work on finishing another one. Focus on one at a time to get the ball rolling.

            If you've been away from your sewing machine for awhile, maybe clean the lint out of the bobbin area and oil it if necessary. Change the needle.

        Always misplacing your scissors, seam ripper, pins, needles, rulers? Find an organizer case, box or basket to keep them in and use it after each sewing session.

Make a list of what you need to do to finish this particular project. Break it down into steps. When I work on quilts on a deadline, I always keep a little notebook listing the specific parts of each quilt I am making. For example:   

  • 1.  Piece the blocks
  • 2.  Sew the blocks together
  • 3.  Add borders, make the top
  • 4.  Quilt the top, and
  • 5.  Add binding

I check or cross off each part as I finish. If you keep track of each step and break it down into smaller steps it may not be quite so overwhelming. See if this works for you. Organizing is key for me!

I like project boxes for my larger unfinished quilts.

This little hexagon quilt that was started last year just needs some hand quilting and a binding. It'll be my first project I hope to get finished. 


Anonymous said...

Your little scrappy hexie quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to see your finish!

Anonymous said...

Very useful tips to encourage me to work on tiny found treasures packed away and forgotten including my little hexie quilt. Thank you Kathy

Paulette Hay said...

I love your little hexie quilt. I'm making one similar but making it as a table runner. I'm interested in how you basted your hexies to the background and how you quilted yours. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kathleen Tracy said...

Paulette - I appliqued the hexagon flowers to the background and then quilted around each block and in the borders.