Friday, March 10, 2023

Display Your Little Quilts

I'm often asked -  what do you do with all your small quilts? Many of us hang these on a wall or place them on a table. 


You can make a whole wall of quilts if you have more than a few. 

Try some rolled up in a basket. Then bring the basket indoors LOL. 

Display them on a bench.  Oops, this one's a larger "small" quilt! More like wall hanging size.

Small quilts can personalize a room and add color, texture and creativity to a space. Some quilters change them out with the seasons. I always have a few small quilts out and displayed around the house.


I have a few favorites that just brighten up my home so I occasionally rotate them in different rooms and settings.


One of the fun things about making small quilts is that they're easy to display around the house in so many different ways. Quilts really add something to a room whether they're dressing up a bed, draped over a sofa or hanging on a wall in an entryway. 


Small or large, I think that quilts make a home a home. Seeing a quilt displayed ini someone's home conveys a feeling of warmth to me. Don't just make the quilts and put them in a drawer or closet. Bring them out and display them so you and others can enjoy them.


Renate Bischoff said...

All your quilts are so beautiful!!!


Bjr ! j'adore toutes ces petites courtepointes. Cdlt

quiltgrannie said...

Kathleen ~ I always smile when I see your quilts. I love all your displays, especially your first photo! Thanks' for all your great tips.

Kathleen Tracy said...

Thanks, Karen! I wish I could show photos of your house and all the ways you have Your quilts displayed LOL. Beats mine any time.

Amy Jepson said...

Can you tell us about your stitching doll?

Kathleen Tracy said...

Amy - that's a Gail Wilson Pincushion doll made for me by Barb Whitehead and given to me by her and my other quilting friends (from Yahoo group) at a retreat I held here in Chicago in 2018, I think? Gail designs dolls and accessories and used to sell kits and patterns for these but not sure if she still does.

Mary said...

Your projects and pictures are so inspiring. They make me itch to sew more mini quiltes.

Pink Rose said...

Hi Kathleen wow so many beautiful quilts and I love the way you have displayed them,lots of inspiration there 👏👏👏