Friday, January 20, 2023

Shoo Fly Blocks

My little shoo-fly runner, quilted and bound. Quick and easy. Hope you're also making something cute with the shoo fly blocks! See my website or FB group files for the little shoo-fly pattern. (Links are on the right sidebar.)


 I'll never get tired of making cute little things . . . . 

I'm still making more of these little blocks. It's hard to stop. Maybe I'll start a collection and save for a rainy day?

Combing through my scraps is the most fun. I cleaned up my sewing room a little bit and spent half an hour just sitting there, looking for more space to store everything. What if I put the table there? How about shelves? Can I consolidate anything? It's a tiny space and I make the most of it but it's beginning to feel cramped rather than "cozy."  Still, cleaning up always gives me a little motivation. 


One more handle to sew on my little red baskets. Not sure if I'll stop at four -  or make a few more.

Have a good weekend -  Take some time to sew a little something. 


Anonymous said...

Very cute runner Kathy. I hope to make one soon. Like you my sewing space is very small so I try to stay on top of the chaos but it’s difficult at times.

Quilter Mom said...

For someone who is just beginning to collect civil war reproduction fabrics, what are your favorite sources?

Kathleen Tracy said...

Quilter Mom - just Google Civil War reproduction fabrics and you'll find shops that sell these. If there's not one near you, many sell through their websites online. Or try Etsy. They often have good bundles to build your collection.

Susan D said...

Quilter Mom...find people who have finished their Dear Jane. They have more Civil War fabric than they know what to do with.