Friday, September 16, 2022

Ready, Set, Sew a Few Blocks

Today begins the first week of the Sampler Row Quilt Sew Along in my Sampler Facebook group.  

We'll be using blocks from my Schoolgirl Sampler book to make the quilt and do a little bit of sewing each week for 10 weeks. (You'll need the book to follow along and make the blocks.)


If you have the book and want to make the quilt, just follow the schedule below. Each week I'll give you a little nudge to get some sewing done: 

For Week 1 - choose your first block from the book and make six blocks using your choice and color of fabric. You have a week to complete all six blocks. 

Here are some tips to help you get started - 

  • Clean off your sewing or cutting table. This always helps me to prepare for working on a new project and stay organized.
  • Choose a theme (Christmas, fall, two-color quilt, etc.) 
  • Pull some fabrics

After you  choose your first block (or all of the blocks you'll be using), check the FB group files for the tips for the blocks you've picked. They're all numbered. You might remember that when we did the Schoolgirl Sampler Sew Along, we worked on blocks 1 - 72 for 12 weeks and made 6 blocks each week. So the file for Week 1 included tips on making blocks 1-6. Week 2 included tips for blocks 7- 12. And so on. 

That's it. After you've made your 36 blocks in 6 weeks, I'll show you how to set them with background fabric to make the rows. (You'll need about 1/4 yard of background fabric for each row.) 

If you're in my Sampler Facebook group we'd love to see your block progress. It's always inspiring to see the fabrics some of you use and how you choose to put them together. 

Week 2 of the sew along begins on September 23.

Have a fun weekend! 

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Anonymous said...

I do not have facebook. Would it be possible for you to show some of the examples from there once in a while on your blog?