Saturday, May 14, 2022

Scrappy Stars - Again

Some of you may remember this - In 2018 I decided I really needed to make a simple, scrappy lap quilt so I started  making some 6" stars for it. I challenged myself to make several blocks each week. Then I planned to sew them together into a lap quilt. I ended up making about 40 stars. 


Well, as the story always goes, I became involved with other things and put it aside. I did put some of the blocks together and then decided I didn't really like the fabrics I chose for my setting.  Last year, I ripped out some of the stars and left a center section of nine blocks. Framed it and then put it aside again.  


Moda's Words of Wisdom

Last week, Robin finished her stars quilt and showed it to my Facebook group. A few quilters were interested in making these stars so I've challenged them to a Scrappy Stars Sew Along again. And I'm going to make a few more myself and then decide what to do for a setting. Who knows if I'll even finish with all of the other quilts I still want to make or finish. Isn't that always the case??  But I figure if nothing else I can use some of the stars to make a small quilt or runner someday. 

These stars are really fun to make. You can find my FB group here.  The details are in the group files.

Here are some simple cutting directions to make one 6" block - 

    Cut one  3 1/2"  x  3 1/2" square for the center

    Cut eight 2"  x  2 "  squares for the star points

    Cut four rectangles - 2"  x  3 1/2" - for background

    Cut four 2"  x 2" squares for the background corners

This will give you a finished 6" x 6" block. 

I like to choose my fabrics for several blocks one day, cut the pieces, lay them out on a cutting mat, set the mat aside and then sew them together another day. It's been fun to resurrect these blocks. 

Here are my latest endeavors from this past week -  using some 
fabrics I've been holding onto for years. 

Have I really had this Judie Rothermel pink print since 2000?? That was the year I started quilting. 

Cutting into some of these fabrics and actually putting them into blocks feels great!

You never know when you're going to need some scrappy stars . . . .

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Que lindas! Muy bonitas las telas, gracias por compartir sus saberes.

marijo.m said...

Magnifique ! J'adore toutes ces ├ętoiles, est-ce que je peux rejoindre votre groupe ? J'ai plusieurs de vos livres et j'aime beaucoup toutes vos petites couettes. Bon dimanche.

Anonymous said...

These look like such fun. I am a new quilter so don’t have too many scraps yet, but do have lots of fat quarter bundles I have been saving up for projects. I am on my third quilt and have started to see that I will need to find a way to sort the leftovers. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I made a few of the star blocks but must put them aside awhile ago. Love the idea of a centre section of stars. Beautiful choice of fabrics. You have really inspired me to get back to my quilting projects.

Deb said...

I had a great time making these in the last sew a long but I can’t believe it was that long ago already! I want to hand quilt my finish with big stitch quilting and just teaching myself with some help on line quilters and u tube this will be exciting to see the new batch of stars people ar making I have already seen some amaxzing progress on your Facebook page!

Beth said...

Why is it so much fun to see fabric I've used in other quilter's pictures and blocks? Especially old fabric? That plum fabric with the red "tablets" on the diagonal went into a quilt I made for my favorite aunt, as did quite a few others in this post, and, like you, I'm shocked at how long it's been since I first bought them.

I wish every fabric had its date on the selvage. I think it would be a motivator to use it--"I've really had this since 2005? What am I waiting for?" (I actually said that last week and cut into something that had been sitting in a basket, looking for something that was deserving of its beauty. Fabric companies should consider this; their goal is to get us to buy more, right?

QuiltGranma said...

I made a bunch like these years ago following along with Barbara Brackman with her Stars In A Timewarp, and have star parts kitted up to make more. However I changed the size to be able to use fabric sizes in widths I normally use, so my blocks finish at 8". I need to get back to sewing them.

TX quilter said...

I love seeing all the small quilts in the Cedarburg show and appreciate knowing where I can buy small bundles.


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