Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Valentine Mystery - Step 2

Instead of writing everything here on my blog and trying to get all the pictures to fit, I decided that it's a little easier for me to upload the directions for the 2022 Valentine's Day Mini Mystery Quilt as a .pdf onto my website.  Also easier for you to print out. So, for the remaining steps, click here to go to my website and then go to the Valentine's Day Mystery page and download the file. 

You're going to take the 3 1/4" squares of light fabric and 3 1/4" squares of red fabric that you cut last week and make some hourglass units. The directions in Step 2 will give you a couple of options for making them.

I'll show you how to put the blocks together next Wednesday, January 26. Have fun! 


Marsha B said...

Thank you for this little cutie!

dmf said...

Love the mystery and being able to download.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so VERY much!!

Karen said...

I noticed your hour-glass block was of the same red print. I chose two different red prints. Is it best to keep each block of one red print?

Kathleen Tracy said...

Karen - you can make it any way you like. I made four in one red and and four in another red print.

Karen said...

Okay, thank you Kathleen. This is fun!


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