Saturday, January 23, 2021

Sew Along Week 4

Can you believe we're already on Week Four of the Schoolgirl Sampler Sew Along?  A third of the way through if you get through this week. Make blocks 19 - 24 on pages 49 - 51 of  the Schoolgirl Sampler book. I spy a few more easy blocks this time. 

(Thanks to Sue Bennett for sharing her blocks!) 

Go to the files in the groups or check my website (sew along page) for more info on making the blocks for this week. If you have trouble with Block 23, there's a tip in the file for sewing this a couple of other ways that may help. There's probably a reason they call it Devil's Claws, LOL. 

When I started this sew along I suspected I would have my work cut out for me helping everyone stay organized and motivated. So many little blocks! I have to say, everything has gone rather smoothly and there's a wonderful camaraderie in the Facebook group. Everyone is very encouraging and I think the beginners are comfortable showing their blocks and asking for help if they need it. 

I think it's been a great chance for quilters to interact with others at this time when we can't sew together in person. A lot of you have told me your piecing has improved and you've learned new tips and tricks. Everyone is more than willing to share their own ideas and techniques and that's been great. Thanks, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kathleen for a wonderful and fun project.
I have all of your books and cherish each one.

Renée Welton said...

Thank you Kathy, I’m way behind, but enjoying it very much. The tips have been very helpful💙


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