Friday, August 23, 2019

Summer's Almost Gone

How has your summer been? Mine has gone by so fast. First we had a wet, wet spring and we thought summer would never get here and then after the heat wave laced with so much rain and humidity we're really starting to look forward to fall here in Chicago.

There were a few nice days where I could actually sit outside and do a little bit of applique. And enjoy my morning coffee. 

I've been busy, busy, busy - quilting and writing my next book. When fall gets here I'm sure I won't even notice. Time is flying by and I'm not finished with everything I still need to do. But I'm pretty close. You're going to love this one and I'll tell you more when we get closer to the release date (if you can wait until December 2020 - hah). Publishing takes a really long time. Not my fault. After I finish and send the manuscript and quilts to Martingale for photos and editing (that takes more than a few months), they send it off on a slow boat to China to be printed.

This may have to tide you over until then. If you love small quilts, you might want to pick up this new Martingale book - The Big Book of Little Quilts. There are two quilts from my book Small & Scrappy in it. Plus, lots of other great quilts from some of your favorite designers.

Does this quilt look familiar? It's the small quilt challenge some of my small quilt groupies are working on for August. Barn Raising, from my book A Prairie Journey.

Working on a book doesn't leave you much time for fun. You really have to focus every day and just hunker down at the computer or sewing machine for hours at a time and do stuff when you'd rather be outside playing.  For instance, I haven't been into the city much this year but one day a couple of weeks ago my son called and wanted to have lunch so I drove down there to meet him. After lunch we walked along the lakefront. We picked a beautiful day and now I really miss the lake and the city (and free time). No summer vacation this year.

On the way home I stopped at the International Market and this "little girl" was behind me in line, just begging me to snap her picture. What a sweetie. I guess it's okay to start bringing my own poodle along with me when I shop now??

If she's not too busy, that is . . . 

Oh yeah. I lucked out and got a dog who likes to read quilting books in her spare time. What are the chances??
(Sorry - the longer I work, the sillier I get . . . .)

Have a great weekend!


quiltgrannie said...

Kathleen, what a treat to see all your wonderful photos and read your amusing stories. I am so looking forward to seeing you soon. YES, take your dog shopping with you. We were in Home Depot last week and saw three shoppers with their dogs.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, I always enjoy your posts and love looking at your quilt photos. The coffee mug quilt is adorable! Is that pattern in one of your books, and if so, which one! Many thanks!

Charlie's Girl said...

I don't take my dog shopping but one day when I was shopping, a woman approached me with a puppy looking for a home for him. I hardly ever carry cash but I just happened to have the small amount she was asking for that sweet puppy. It was the best money I have ever spent some 10 years ago and Charlie is a joy to have in our life.

Karen said...

I always look forward to reading your post to see what your up to in the world of quilting. I'm excited that your doing another book. I have all of your books so far and enjoy looking through them any chance I get. I love seeing your little quilts and the fabrics and colors you use. I always notice you have fabrics I have never seen before. Your fabric choices are great, so I admire your little quilts and the work you do so much. I've been so busy making quilts for my family members that I haven't had time to quilt just for myself. It will come some day soon. As I have been making quilts for the last 12 years. What a nice surprise that your son invited you to have lunch with him in the city. The lake is beautiful, so it must have been a very pleasant time taking a walk with your son.

LoriG said...

Morning applique outside looks heavenly! I’ve been looking for a little wood caddy like yours forever! Perfect use for it!

LoriG said...

Morning applique outside looks heavenly! I’ve been looking for a little wood caddy like yours forever! Perfect use for it!

Jennifer M said...

My Summer flew by too. I am looking forward to another one of your beautiful books. I haven't been able to keep up with the Challenges lately. I do know I will get to them at some point of my life. I have been enjoying making the Mystery quilts and participating in swaps etc. Keep on keeping on, love your stuff. xo

liz said...

Thanks Kathy for the nice pictures of the lake. It was nice that your son wanted to have lunch with you. I guess we will have to wait awhile for your new book, but I have a lot to make from your other books. Do try & take some time for yourself. Liz in Naples,NY

Kathleen Tracy said...

Anonymous - the coffee cups pattern is available on my website or Etsy shop. Links are on the side of the blog.

Kathleen Tracy said...

Charlie's Girl - What a sweet story! I shared with my dog loving daughter and we both got teary eyed.

Kathleen Tracy said...

Karen - Sewing for my family (and for myself too) is on my agenda right after I finish this book!

Jay said...

Oh, that lakeshore! It is so very lovely, and I can hear the water lapping and birds calling...and the traffic on LSD. Those pictures bring back so many wonderful memories.

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