Monday, July 15, 2019

2019 Mystery Quilt - Finished!

I'll bet some of you wondered if I would ever blog again about the Mystery Quilt I started this year. Or if I'd even finish. Well here's your answer - it's done! The blocks we worked on each month earlier this year were posted in files in my Facebook Small Quilt Lovers group and on my website. And now it's time to put them all together.

I just got my quilt back from the quilter. She did a nice, simple, all-over stipple design. I'm not overly fond of heavily quilted quilts and like the quilting on mine to be very simple so I'm very happy with it. As you can see, it's not exactly a small quilt. (But I did use small blocks.) Originally, it was going to be a simple row quilt - set the blocks on point and use sashing in between the rows. Add a binding. You will often see this kind of finish on antique quilts. After I put mine together, I decided (or the quilt decided) it needed a border. Now it's a lap quilt. I've been busy working on something else right now and haven't had time to do the binding yet. But I'll get there.

The block patterns are still up in the files and on my website but they'll only be there for a few more months while I decide if I'm going to do another Mystery Quilt next year. Have fun if you begin this one. But hurry and get those patterns printed out while they're still available. 

I've seen some beautiful finished quilts in the Facebook group.  Here's Sue Bennett's finished quilt - 

I can't believe it's mid-July already. The monthly small quilt challenge for June AND July (because everyone gets busy during the summer) is also in the group files - 

I haven't had enough time to finish mine yet. And I'm still deciding if I like that blue border or if it's too darn busy. So I'm putting it off for now. (It's just too busy. Don't know what I was even thinking.) Some in the Facebook group have made this into a pillow and it looks really cute that way.

Recap: We had a Patriotic Pincushion Parade on July 4th in my Facebook and other group and I was happy to see so many of you join us. This is always so much fun. Once you start making them, you can't stop. Sometimes, making a simple little pincushion is just the thing to jump start a little creative sewing if you've been stalled or stuck.

Pins from last year.


---"Love" said...

Your lap quilt really is very pretty! I LOVE that patriotic block just like it is, and it would indeed make a pretty pillow. Your little pincushions are darling. What do you fill them with? I've never made one. ---"Love"

Pauline Simpson said...

Absolute beautiful quilts Kathy and Sue! I am still joining rows but absolutely love how this mystery quilt came together! Your pin cushion collection is amazing! Thank you Kathy for all you do.

quiltgrannie said...

Kathy, I love how this mystery quilt turned out. I have my top together but will have to hold off on the quilting for now. Thanks so much for doing this.

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

I adore the colors in your mystery quilt! So soothing yet vibrant. I too am not a fan of dense quilting. Beautiful finish!

KaKa said...

Your quilts are amazing. A beautiful quilt! Beautiful colours! I like these colors very much.


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