Saturday, November 4, 2017

Quilt Show at the Garden

It's that time of year again - the Fine Art of Fiber quilt show at the Chicago Botanic Garden.  Mostly modern quilts but it's always fun to see the different types of quilts other quilters make.

A wall of embellished small quilts made from Sue Spargo panels.  

Today was a dreary, rainy, overcast day so I did not walk around the rest of the garden much. 

*  *  *

Early in October, I started making a little pumpkin quilt runner. I haven't finished quilting it yet. Cute, no?

After I posted it on Facebook, some said they'd be interested in buying a pattern for it. So, I am working on getting that done and up on my website in a few days. Check my website sometime next week and with a little luck it will be available on the pattern page. 

Have a good weekend! Puppy really hopes it stops raining soon . . . . I keep telling her the rain is only going to ruin her new coiffure if she goes out there and gets wet. Not sure she believes me (or cares).


Louise said...

Pumpkin quilt, cute yes...pup, even cuter!

Jennifer M said...

I agree with Louise:)

jane nj/wi said...

Hahaha. You are getting “The Look” she is really a cutie pie. She would have enjoyed coming to the sewin. We all would have fought over who got to hug her next

Great pictures. The quilt show was very nice. The larger grey one HST has been in my list in several colorways and the small quilt collection really was fun.i liked the one that looked like a small colorful monster with fringes of color reaching out top and bottom. Indeed Sue Spargo. Thanks for sharing

Jane lurking in Bugland where it is 86 every day and humid..sigh.

Carolknits said...

I, too, would be interested in buying the pattern for the pumpkin runner. It's almost as cute as your puppy! And thank you for posting the photos of the quilts from the exhibit.

Karen said...

Always enjoy your pictures from the quilt shows. Your pumpkin quilt is adorable! Little puppy sure has a cute face!

quiltgrannie said...

Does that look mean (you are taking way to many pictures of me.) Never!! She's way too cute. Thanks for sharing the Quilt show. I kind of like the second one. At least it's done in my colors. LOL

Chez Vies said...

Thank you for sharing the photos. It always cheers me up to see beautiful quilts, I wish I could quilt more. And love the beautiful runner too

Christie said...

Thanks for the Garden Quilt Tour! I still am drawn more towards the more traditional quilts, but, fun to look at the quilt art too. Am really liking your pumpkin runner! C.U.T.E doggie!!! HUGS... and stitches

Synthia said...

The quilts were beautiful, but I like yours a lot more than most of them in the show.
Yes, your pumpkin quilt is adorable. I look forward to the pattern being posted. :-)

QuiltGranma said...

love the quilts and love your puppy... poodle or poodle mix? I used to groom dogs, and have had 2 poodles. Love them.

Kathleen Tracy said...

Thanks! She is a miniature poodle mix - Maltipoo. Sweetest dog ever.


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