Saturday, October 28, 2017

Dear Jane: Getting There

Last week I finished the last block for the center part of my Dear Jane quilt (Hooray!) and started working on the triangles. Finding time to work on all the projects I want to work on is always a huge problem. I've been very busy this fall, travelling and teaching and still trying to play catch up at home with all of the things I neglected around here earlier this year while I was working on my next book. 

That dark blue M-3 block was a difficult one for me. I had to make it twice because the first time it came out awful. Live and learn. I am certainly doing that with this quilt. Learning so much . . . .

I am a teeny tiny bit closer to my dream goal.

So, now I'm starting the triangles. I know I could leave it as is and just sew the middle together and say - Okay, Done. Forget the rest, I made 169 blocks. That's enough. But I really love the look of the border triangles and don't think they'll be that hard now that I've sort of mastered foundation paper piecing. Wondering if I should do some of my sashing in between making the triangles. . . .  Any thoughts? The fear is that I will dread it if I leave it all for the end. Probably better to start doing that as soon as I pick a color for my teeny cornerstones. Yes, I decided I wanted to try to do cornerstones. Who knows how that will turn out. Or when, ha ha.

Always a relief when a block turns out perfectly square.

I spent one day redoing a few of my early blocks. I started my quilt in 2010 and my teeny tiny block skills left a little to be desired at that time.  I just wasn't happy with the "wonkiness" of some of them and I know they will always stick out like a sore thumb when I look at the quilt.  I also decided I hated some of the fabrics I used. Most of these were not difficult ones so it's not going to take me that long. I'm leaving in the really difficult blocks no matter what because I can tell you now there is no way I'm ever redoing any of them! 

It feels good to get back to working on my quilt. I'm not one of those people who can just pick it up for a few minutes here and there. After seven years of this, I do know how to persevere but I'm pretty slow and know that each block will take time so I don't work on them unless I know I can devote a quiet day or two. Time to work on it has to be planned in advance. As I mentioned, I am finished with my next book (which is supposed to be published next July) and my teaching and travelling is slowing down now so I should be able to sit down without too many interruptions and go at those triangles. At least until the holidays start to creep in.

* * * 

A few days ago I taught another fun workshop. Yes, orange peels again. My favorite, so I'm glad they asked for it. It's a great workshop for learning and/or practicing your applique. No sewing machines required. Just a lot of relaxed quiet time, laughing and hand sewing. Thank you, Kokomo, Indiana, quilters for a great time!

Look at those fine, sharp points. I taught them the starch and template method which works really well on these peels and makes it easy. Beginners are always amazed they can do this and applique soon becomes fun. 

I really love this quilt.

So much that I prepped some really little peels for a smaller version someday. 

Ah, hand sewing is good for the soul.

Barb brought a pretty quilt to the workshop that she made from one of my patterns in Small & Scrappy. I love seeing all of the different variations. 

Mine was made in pinks and browns. But you should always make the quilts in the colors you love.

Here's Barb's finished Welcome Home Mystery quilt. Beautiful in Blues . . . .

* * * 
NOTE: Some of you have signed up to get blog updates through e-mail. Well, I've had problems with Feedburner not updating my new blog posts so some of you are receiving them late or not getting them at all. Feedburner is really outdated and rarely works anymore so I have to stop using it. I'm trying to convert to another subscription service to allow you to receive an e-mail telling you when I update my posts. As I said, I've been really busy lately and spending hours doing that hasn't really made it to the top of my list. If worse comes to worst, you may have to sign up with your e-mail address again but I will tell you if that's necessary. If you think you've missed some posts, go to the Archives on the side of the Sentimental Quilter blog page and check. 

Enjoy the weekend!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you will be glad to be done with your Dear Jane I imagine I know I was when I finished the first one and then started a second and wondered half way through why I felt the need to start a second one - but I persevered. Never another! as far as sashing goes, as I finished each row or border I added the sashing it seemed to work out ok that way for me - maybe for you to?

Kathleen Tracy said...

Good idea, Karen - Maybe I will try that. I am enjoying the process, taking my time, getting through all the frustrations, but I will NOT be making a second DJ quilt . . . .

Yvonne said...

Good job on your Jane. I found the triangles more easy to make than the blocks. Happy stitching!

Frog Quilter said...

Love the orange peel quilt. I have a top made, just need to quilt it. It is all needle turn and was very therapeutic when I made it.

Karen said...

It has been such a joy and inspiration to see you working on your DEAR JANE QUILT. I'm so glad you finished all the center blocks...such a wonderful accomplishment, Kathleen! The triangles surrounding the blocks are beautiful and make the quilt look finished. As far as the sashing goes, I would keep it neutral so the blocks are the focal point of the quilt.

Anonymous said...

Bravo pour le Dear Jane qui est un magnifique quilt, et bon courage pour continuer les triangles !!

Nyla said...

Congratulations on finishing the center blocks for Dear Jane! That is quite an achievement! Looks like you had a lovely time with the Orange Peel class, I want to make that one at some point. Looking forward to your new book next year but still have a couple that I want to make from your last book, so plenty to do! Happy stitching!

Kathy D. said...

Your blocks inspired me to research Jane Stickle's life back in 2015. I am not finished with her yet!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Dear Jane. I'm finishing Row H and I started in 1997! Kept hitting blocks that just wouldn't go (for me). I got back to really getting it done when I found
The lady tells the easiest way to get the block made with lots of illustrations and she is the main reason my quilt is getting finished now. I thank her so much. Like you I wonder if I will do anything besides just the blocks. Guess I will make that decision if I ever get there. I AM now working on DJ every day. Lucky to be retired and can do that. I enjoy your blog so much.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to triangles are just going to be solid fabric and no patterns ...using up the CW fabrics to get them gone alternating with cream.

Genther Lori said...

I love the orange peel quilt! It was the first one of yours I made and my first finished applique quilt. It now hangs in my living room and I can see it at night when I pull into the driveway! I just can"t seem to trade it out even just for the holidays!


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