Thursday, October 1, 2015

Worn Out and Loved

That title could describe me to a T but I'm talking about quilts, hah! Don't you love old things? (Again, I could be talking about myself; I just had another birthday!) I could not resist buying this old tattered-on-the-edges crib quilt recently, mostly because it has simple pink and brown nine patches and a pale blue striped backing.  It's very worn out and appears well loved. I'm going to reproduce it in newer fabrics.

The little bird dish was a birthday gift from my daughter. She knows me well. We had a good time during dinner deciding what it should hold after I put it on my sewing desk. Pins? Buttons? Chapstick? Sunflower seeds? M&Ms? Chicken bones? (I was eating chicken.) 

I don't buy a lot of antique quilts because they just cost too much around here but there are some I can't let get away. Sometimes they're raggedy but who cares? It's always the well worn and also well loved look that gets me.

The crib quilt I bought sort of reminds me of the pink and brown quilt I made for my daughter. It's held up well and is getting that faded look because it gets washed a lot. That tiny bit of nail polish hasn't come out.

Another well worn quilt I keep on her bed.

Faded indigo always gets me too.

Doll quilts that were obviously played with quite a bit.

When I reproduce that antique quilt I will probably use some of the same types of prints that I used in my pink and brown shoo fly doll quilt. It's actually more like me - not quite worn out yet and certainly well loved. 


Feathers in my Nest said...

Love those old quilts..I'm a prim/vintage Lover..if it's old it's right up my alley..Love your blackbird pin keep.

Debra in Ma.

Granny's Button Box said...

Glad the old quilt has found a home and a new version is to be made. Just love your pink and brown quilt, the colours go so well together. Take care. Sharon x

sue bennett said...

Love all the old quilts. Your collection is gorgeous. but you know I need to see the red white and blue one laid out please.

Quilting Moesje said...

Today I enyoyed a lot of Antique Quilts by An Moonen...
now I can enjoy such lovely (antique) (doll) Quilts at your blog
Thanks for sharing :o))

Vic in NH said...

Marvelous eye candy, as always! Please let us know if the pretty blackbird pin tray is cast iron or carved wood, the photos don't tell. Thanks!

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Wishes are being sent your way. What a wonderful gift from your daughter. Love the pin holder! Antique quilts do have a special way of attracting our interest. So happy you have been able to add to your collections. And I am sure the new ones you create from these patterns will be well loved too!

Jennifer M said...

Kathy Happy Belated Birthday! I love each and every one of those quilts, you certainly do have a beautiful collection. The pink and brown of your daughter's is so sweet, and the nail polish just adds to it IMHO. The bird is so me, I would love one too, and you have picked a perfect use for it. I certainly hope you are gathering sweet and beautiful quilts, reproducing them and will publish another book, oh I hope so much.......

Anonymous said...

Something soft and approachable about old, loved quilts.
Recently read blog where a magnet was glued to the underside of a small bowl the better to hold pins.

Karen Andreola said...

I like the bird dish. Happy Birthday.
Your pink and brown shoo fly doll quilt is the one I'd like to stitch next - oh - I mean after I make the bear's paw quilt. A pink flying geese quilt has been hanging at the local antique shop for a while. It is looks well-loved and worn. Because I've contemplated buying it I could relate to your post.


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