Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Lazy Day for Sewing

Another BORING post, LOL . . . . Fall has arrived here in Chicago after a late start. Today it's nice and cool and slightly wet outside so that means I'm likely to be sewing. Or making soup. The kind of quiet, lazy day I love.

There's nothing pressing on the homefront agenda. What should I do today?

The sewing desk is relatively clean for a change. Makes it easier to work on those fussy blocks you saw in my last post.

The desk gets cluttered up pretty fast. When it's clean I'm much more productive and can see the tiny paper pieces.

Paper piecing is going well - finally. 

All I need is a clean desk and some quiet and I'll be happy and productive. Living outside but still near Chicago sometimes means traffic and noise, dogs barking. Every time a police siren goes off after some speeder, the dog mimics it by howling back. Other dogs on the block chime in. Her favorite spot when I'm sewing? Right next to me, as close as she can get. To make sure I can hear the howling up close I guess. She does an awesome impression of a police siren and I always laugh but, much as I love her, it gets annoying pretty fast. 

Who me? Annoying??

I finished this appliqued DJ block yesterday after working on it for two days. (Applique's not my thing but I'm getting so much better the more I work on these tiny blocks.) I was so proud I wanted to frame it.  But then I decided if I did that I'd have to make ANOTHER one to put in my Jane quilt. THAT'S not happening, ha ha.

Should probably also get around to organizing those overflowing scrap baskets of mine. Pretty soon I'm going to run out of baskets and have to start using bowls, haha. Need to put the fat quarters away too.

But maybe I'll play around with some wool instead. 

The day is young. Who knows what stitching marvels will occur?


KaHolly said...

So many fun choices! I'm having difficulty getting motivated today. Perhaps if I line up my options like you've done, it will start those creative juices flowing.

Ann in PA said...

I love lazy fall days! The color of the tree in the photo is stunning. Love those Dear Jane blocks; your paper pieced and appliqued blocks are perfect. Oh what a cute face on that adorable furry companion...looks so innocent, too. lol

Anonymous said...

There is nothing boring about your post today! Here in Virginia it is dreary today...perfect day to sit with some hand quilting, feet up, with a cup of hot tea at my side....the trees are looking pretty in this part of the country as well....I love is my favorite time of year!
Thanks for sharing your day with all of us!!
Sandra B

cityquilter grace said...

lovely post....we have some of those gorgeous trees here in lobsterville too...and lovely little lazy sewing projects!

Yvonne said...

I love it how the trees turn yellow and red. It seems the coloring is so much more intense in the US than here in the Netherlands. Seems like you had a perfect day in your sewing room. I love those days, wish I had more of them!

moosecraft said...

Glad you are getting some color your way! Our leaves are at about peak here in Central NJ. Lovely appliqued block! Take a lot of patience but so worth it!

quiltgrannie said...

All I wanted to do today is sew and create too, but those pesky chores kept getting in the way. Was finally able to get a little done. Tomorrow is a new day to create!! Your doggie is so sweet!!

Candee said...

That's my idea of a great day Kathy! Especially with that little sweety by your side. I took some stitching out on the porch to enjoy the beautiful leaves too.

Jennifer M said...

Kathy we all need more of those days. In todays world, everything is fast and instant. Personally I want more lazy, take it slow and take in the simple beauty. Love the Autumnal colors and your darling best friend.

I love, love your star pincushion, the beautiful appliqued Dear Jane block (your applique looks spot on to me) and the frame you auditioned it in. If your able, please share with me where I can get a frame like it. I love the applique block in it, or a counted cross stitch would be perfect too: )

Your wool pincushion is sweet and so are your wool piles and buttons. A sweet strawberry needlework pinkeep for more eye candy!

Looking forward to seeing more of your non-boring blog posts.

Robin McGuire said...

Another inspiring blog, Kathy! I finally joined the Dear Jane yahoo group. I'm not sure I'll ever make a full Dear Jane quilt, but I like the idea of making a smaller version. That seems doable to me! I think your blocks are lovely and I enjoy seeing your progress.

The Civil War Quilter said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day and productive1 The Dear jane blocks look great. You inspire me to get busy on mine. I started it in 2007 for gosh sakes!

jane nj/wi said...

Bah Humbug. You have the most adorable dog who obviously loves you to pieces. Your DJ are looking perfect. That small frame is s peach. Love the scallops. Trees. Bah humbug in northern Wisc it is raining. Leafs are mostly toast the rest look depressed wanting to fall. I am on hour three waiting fir dealership to change seat belt on drivers side. 19 year old Eddie Bower Explorerer forest green. I am thinking I need to make a small quilt with its colors. Cutest green and golden tan like the interior. Nice combo. Jane colors. Keeps quilting Kathy I have who knows how much time to wait for my car v

Anonymous said...

Love all your blogs....wish we had fall color in dry West Texas! Sandi in W.T.

Feathers in my Nest said...

Love your post....and your little blocks are beautiful...all your projects are beautiful..That's what Autumn is for, being lazy.! ha..We have some beautiful color here too..great year for color, better than last year..

kiquilter said...

Sewing and soup making, a mind full of quilty options, the comfort of a canine companion, to say nothing of a cleared workspace ready to be
cluttered with in progress ideas--who could ask for anything more? It seems we all treasure the time to indulge in those creative days.

p.s. I forgot chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Love your pincushions! Love your quilt!

reclaimed wood dining table said...

The color of the tree in the photo is stunning. Love you photos. I love fall. I get lazy. LOL Thanks for sharing!


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