Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I'm just checking in because my sister was worried I'd fallen off the planet since I haven't been blogging much. Well, I'm still here (and I told her to pick up the phone). After a busy spring I'm taking some time for myself. So I'm not doing much or at least nothing terribly productive: trying to solve a lot of computer problems, dealing with a lot of broken appliances and thus shopping for replacements (ick), a lot of having to deal with ornery contractors, a couple of doctor appointments, air bag replacements, things like that.

On the positive side though -  lately there's been a lot of walking (a lot of additional dog walking too when it's not raining), a lot of light reading along with a lot of reading looong good books with a glass of iced tea on the patio, a lot of family time, a little binge TV watching, a few barbeques, a lot of enjoying the back yard before it gets too hot to be outside, a little doggie play time, a couple of Dear Jane blocks here and there (6 finished this month so far).  Ah, summer. That's what it's for, right? Recharging. I'm acting like a kid on summer vacation from school.

Footloose and fancy-free days

I liked it fine. Did not think it measured up to the hype though. 

Yes, I loved The Goldfinch. Some hate it, I know. I liked it so much I'm reading her first book now, another long one. (The Secret History by Donna Tartt)

 I had a really sweet surprise too. My friend Sue Bennett made this little tumbler flag quilt - for me! How cute is it?

It's VERY cute. Let me tell you. You should see the stitching up close - perfect and tiny and slightly primitive.

Okay, that's what's up with me. All this fresh air (and blogging) is making me tired. I'm thinking of taking a nap. What's up with you? 


Ann in PA said...

Sounds like you are having a perfect summer! Sue B is a sweetie...the flag is adorable and beautifully Primitive.

quiltgrannie said...

Sounds like your really enjoying yourself Kathy, good for you!!

moosecraft said...

Love that flag quilt! And the pups look cute playing in the yard. Wishing you an enjoyable and relaxing Summer! :-)

sandi s said...

I love the flag quilt! Enjoy your summer. I'm just getting ready to listen to Girl on aTrain on audio. I like your sandals too! :). Hugs, sandi

Jennifer M said...

Sounds like you are having a good, late spring/early summer Kathy. I have been doing some of the same, sewing, replacing an appliance, spending time outdoors at baseball games. Also dealing with rain, rain, and more rain LOL. I need to weed the flower gardens and vegetable garden, it's just to wet though. Love your tumbler flag from Sue. I have been cutting thimbles, some yesterday and today, to put a couple thimble/tumbler flags together. Oh and the most fun of all, Robin M from our Small Quilt talk group met and shopped and gabbed for nearly 7 hours!!! It was a blast:))

Candee said...

Sounds perfect Kathy! Good for you! What a sweet gift from Sue. I'm reading Girl on the Train too. So far it's not living up to the recommendation I got. I'll check out The Goldfinch. Keep enjoying!


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