Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Red, White and Blue Season

It's red, white and blue season for me. (I know for some of you that's all year long!) I've made more than a few small quilts in red, white and blue over the year and I enjoy displaying some of them around the house in the summer. Judging by how many there are I guess I must be partial to those colors. Until I took the time to dig them out I had no idea I'd made this many. There are probably more.

Gee, would you look at that - I do have a lot in this color scheme. Here are a few others -

This one is an oldie  : ) Can you guess where it's from?

So's this one. 

It's always fun to bring out the red, white and blues and make a nice display for the fourth of July. Do you do this too?  We're sharing some red white and blue quilts in my Small Quilt Lovers Facebook group if you'd like to join us. 

If you don't have any red, white and blue or red, tan and blue in your own collection of little quilts, maybe this weekend is the time to do something about that. Get out your scraps and play around with some simple blocks until something comes to you. It almost always does if you play hard enough.


jane nj/wi said...

Why are you up? Shy M I up....I am finishing the dang swap quilt and not having fun. I have binding and label and kick it over the Atlantic.....argghhhh hand quilting KILLED my hands let alone my neurotic perfectionist tendencies...smashed to bits but the label will be class....I should have just made a label and sent pattern and fabric......


Ann in PA said...

Love all your red, white and blue quilts! It would be fun to make all of your small quilt patterns in Patriotic colors.

Louise said...

I was sure I had responded to this post with your red, white and blue pieces. They are all pretty wonderful. I never tire of the red, white and blue and what it means to me. Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July....and hurrah for our soccer girls. What a team!


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