Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween, Quilters

Happy Halloween, quilters. Little bit of snow this morning. Still cool and crisp but not so bad that the dog didn't want to go for a run this morning. (She ran, I walked - and struggled to keep up, let me tell you. Crazy little 12 lb dog.) I've got work to do and she'd better rest this afternoon so I can get some things done before the trick-or-treaters come banging on the door.  

I'm having fun with wool lately and working hard on some new patterns that will be available to you soon. "Kathy does applique."

Here's a peek - this cute pincushion below will be included in a pattern for a colorful fall table runner.

(Bear's Paw quilt from my Prairie Children book. Still a favorite.) 

Fall always inspires me so much - more than any other season.

I still have so many Maple Leaf blocks left over from a swap we did in my online small quilt group awhile ago. I bring them out and look at them every now and then but that's as far as I get. Catch the free pattern here.

So many ways to make these into a cute fall quilt. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and won't something made from these blocks look cute on your table?

 Go on - rest up, little doggie. Wish I could play with you all day but there's wool and thread to be played with instead. And that doorbell's going to start ringing soon.


Heartsdesire said...

Cute little woolly pincushion. Looking forward to the new patterns. Snow, did you say snow? Please, say it isn't so, I'm definitely not ready for it. I think the reason we like fall/winter so much though is that we get to stay indoors and sew with so many lovely fall-coloured fabrics.

Donna K. from N. Texas said...

I've just gotten into wool applique. So glad you have too. Looking forward to seeing your designs.

Brenda Debord said...

Thanks for sharing all of your photos, love the woolie pincushion.

Jean Belle said...

I love your maple leaf blocks. They are just saturated with color. No sissy white/neutral backgrounds. They are color on Color! And they look great.

Lois McCoy said...

love your little quilts, and the table runner ...... need to make that! and can't wait to see the pattern for the applique pin cushion! thanks for sharing!

Mary Howland said...

The colors of autumn always surprise me with their brilliance. Having lived in western NY for 30+ years i know what's coming before too long. Your photos do make me homesick for NY. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer M said...

Kathy I love the wool pincushion, those little wool pennies just pop! Anxious for more patterns, love everything you do:) The fall maple leaf runner is one I need to do yet...maybe this weekend!

jane nj/wi said...

I like the square pin cushion but am intrigued with the light color strawberry needle whatzit. No brains left from moving chores. The new pattern sounds and looks to be fun...kitted if course.. :0)


quiltgrannie said...

OK, A girl can never have enough pin cushions and now I will have to make yours too!!! Love all your pictures and your doggie is so dang cute!!!

Rosa said...

Thanks for the great pics.Love these little projects.Have an amazing Holloween day!

Jolana said...

Hello! Your maple leaf blocks are wonderful! I like your autumn pics too :) Have a nice time

Carmen y Prady said...

Que trabajos tan bonitos y que fotos tan preciosas.
Un beso.

Jenny Watson said...

All of these are outstanding.

WOW! What an outstanding sharing it is . Thanks

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