Saturday, June 1, 2013

Small Quilt Challenge for June

Are you still following along and making one small quilt a month from projects in some of my books? If so, here is the quilt for June. I cannot believe we are halfway through the second year of making these little quilts.

Follow the directions in my book Remembering Adelia to make your quilt.
Choose your favorite appliqué method. I hadn't appliquéd much when I made mine a few years ago and I used a simple needleturn technique, in keeping with the way Adelia and other nineteenth century women did their appliqué. If appliqué is not your thing and you are uneasy about attempting this, you can use an easier method - try fusing the shapes onto the background with fusible web (I like Light Steam-A-Seam 2) and stitching around them with a very small buttonhole or zigzag stitch on your machine.
Ruching  (pronounced: "rooshing") is a French term meaning to gather or pleat and was a popular embellishment on women's clothing and hats during the nineteenth century. I made this little quilt with raw edge ruffled flowers because I was inspired by photos of women's clothing that included ruching at the sleeves, necklines and bodices and wanted to incorporate it into a project.  During the nineteenth century, women also wore ruched flowers on their hats and bonnets.
If you don't want to use raw-edge ruching on your flowers as I did, how about making yoyos for the flowers to give it more of a '30s look? Yoyos actually date back to the 19th century and were called rosettes then but we are more familiar with seeing them on quilts from the 20th century.  I tried yoyos for the flowers at first but felt they looked a little too modern for a project made with reproduction prints.

Remember - you can also experiment and make the quilt in your favorite fabrics instead of 1800s reproduction prints. Have fun making this sweet little quilt and show me some pictures when you finish.



Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your quilt is beautiful! Not sure my skills are up to par (maybe if I use wool)

quiltgrannie said...

I love this little quilt, I may use wool also. Karen/IL.

pandchintz said...

Cute quilt!

agullainquieta said...

Qué maravilla, te ha quedado perfecto!
Un abrazo

audrey said...

Very pretty. Makes the flowers look very sweet.

Liz L said...

This is such a pretty little quilt and I love hand applique so will start working on it. However I had to go to my local bookstore and order Remembering Adelia first.


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